How do you choose a good nanny??

My husband was thinking of going back into the workforce. Of course I have always been there to back him up, but if ever this will push through we will definitely be needing a good nanny.

Nanny no matter how sexy or pretty she can be is not really a criteria for us. What we only need is someone we could trust our beautiful children. Someone who is strong and intelligent enough to make decisions when it is important and someone that will love our kids. Well, it might be hard afterall. I have plenty of friends who manages to work full-time by engaging a nanny. But I have also seen how often they changed their nannies in years time. One stole, one got pregnant, one forgot their daughter in her school and other stories hard to imagine.

As I was chatting with my sister the other day, she told me that her officemate's baby died of drowning in a swimming pool after the nanny forgot about her when she took something from the kitchen. Taking care of babies requires a lot of responsibility and attention. The problem I see here most often, people employ nannies from neighbors or friends friend. Without even checking if they background and experience in raising and taking care of kids. We are partly to be blame too, don't we?