Vinegar or Tomatoes??

Taking breakfast is essential. In fact it is the most important meal of the day because it breaks the fast that we did, meaning not having to eat for a long time.

At home, we see to it, that we take our breakfast seriously. Fried rice, fried egg or scrambled, fried fish or fried meat. The smell in our kitchen every morning definitely attracts all the bypassers as our fried rice is definitely delicious. I got my recipe from my mom. However, the grand debate at home normally starts with having vinegar with fried fish or having it with diced tomatoes. I grew up where vinegar is venerated like god. My sister would even drink it. Probably because my grandmom makes there own vinegar and is definitely uncomparable to the one we find commercially marketed. On the other hand, my huby battles that diced tomatoes are the best with fried fishes. He hates the smell of vinegar in the morning arguing that tomatoes is much healthier. He maybe right on this two aspects but saltiness of our dried fishes is never as good eaten with vinegar. It always is a grand debate at home every morning until one day a neighbor dropped by. Couldn't stand the heated debate that sparks on whether vinegar or tomatoes is better. She enterend in our kitchen put the chopped tomatoes in the vinegar and added up some chilis and presto our argument is over ever since. Bon appetit!