Bistek Tagalog

If probably Dr. Jose Rizal was asked what was his last meal he wished to eat, I would probably say he would choose this. This is one of my favorite beef dish that my mom used to cook for me. While visiting at my parents place, as they knew I'm coming and this is my favorite. At the entrance door I could already smell the beautiful combination of soy sauce and kalamansi. I don't know how many serving of rice I ate. Im pretty sure my OB won't be happy when she will weigh me next week.

Bon appetit!

Faire mariner d’abord le bœuf avec le concoction de son marinade pour une demi-heure. Chauffer la poêle avec l’huile. Quand c’est prêt, mettre les viandes coupées sans la marinade, faire saisir vite pour 3 à 5 minutes. Avant coupé le feu, ajouter les oignons et la marinade. Servir chaud avec de riz et votre salade préfère.

Tamarind candy

I didn't had a pleasant evening last night. My head aches terribly and it continue until today. I tried to go out for a small stroll in the park close to our house and guess what caught my attention. Those tamarind candy.

Hmmmm, these are my comforting moments..sarap..

Bami Goreng, stir-fried noodles style indonesie

Today I feel so lazy. I spent about 3 hours watching television. I went in the kitchen and I was wondrin what good I can eat today. Luckily, heaven must have heard my plea our neighbor knocked at our door. It was Mrs. Ginardo, she was carrying a plate of fried noodles. Good Lord I shouted. Smilingly she told me it was his husband's birthday. I was soo happy I ate everything that I forgot to leave some for my husband.

When he went back home and heard about it. Guess what he told me. "It's ok sweetheart, the baby needs to be fed". Oh i love being pregnant!

Satay, indonesian barbeque

My sister sent me the photos of the birthday celebration of his son this morning. In our family first birthday celebration is always very important. While looking at the photos it was obvious my sister really prepared well this occassion. Despite the cake was so big it was those beautiful barbeque on the table that caught my attention. Without having any hesitation, I asked my husband to buy me some pork for my barbeque cravings.

With my bowl of rice and cucumber salad with it, im sure my baby inside is feasting with me!! :-)

Thai fried rice (Kow Pad)

What is the best way to make good use of your left over rice?? Cook a fried rice!

I know eating garlic fried rice is so common that I thought it would be much interesting to put a little bit of punch. As I was searching for something to munch while watching tv, I noticed the left over rice and some other left over vegetables in the fridge. I didn't hesitated to prepare this delicious and spicy thai fried rice. I enjoyed so much this dish when I had a 1 week trip in Bangkok way back when I was still single. The serving only cost ten baht thats about ten pesos and they will cook it in front of you. You don't need to be a good chef to cook this you just need some throwing up and cutting techniques and dish is ready! Bon appetit!

Peko-peko adventures, the beginning

It was not long ago that I have learned that i was pregnant. And I tell you, I really believe its one of those marvelous moment that could happen to any couple. But eversince I have learned I am pregnant, there are plenty of things that has changed in me, aside from the regular vomiting and occasional cravings for certain food, I have decided to open up this blog. Well the rest of the story is for you to find out.