Bistek Tagalog

If probably Dr. Jose Rizal was asked what was his last meal he wished to eat, I would probably say he would choose this. This is one of my favorite beef dish that my mom used to cook for me. While visiting at my parents place, as they knew I'm coming and this is my favorite. At the entrance door I could already smell the beautiful combination of soy sauce and kalamansi. I don't know how many serving of rice I ate. Im pretty sure my OB won't be happy when she will weigh me next week.

Bon appetit!

Faire mariner d’abord le bœuf avec le concoction de son marinade pour une demi-heure. Chauffer la poêle avec l’huile. Quand c’est prêt, mettre les viandes coupées sans la marinade, faire saisir vite pour 3 à 5 minutes. Avant coupé le feu, ajouter les oignons et la marinade. Servir chaud avec de riz et votre salade préfère.