Cooking adobo

Adobo is my favorite Filipino dish.

And I don't think I'm alone. I believe this is the most popular of all the pinoy dishes. Imagine you just need garlic, vinegar and soy sauce to make this wonderful dish. Meat, chicken, fish or even vegetables will blend well with this cooking style. Well today I just feel like surfing on the net for the best adobo recipes. i'll post about it when I see and tested one that rocks!

Happy Eating to all!!

Meanwhile enjoy this American guy cooking adobo....I'm sure you will love it!

LBM "Looking for Better Management"

My friend phoned me the other day, she told me she needed to take the day off for she has the LBM syndrome. Well I thought at the beginning she was talking about something else well apparently she had two job interviews that day. It is true that its been seven years that she's been working on this company. She was a hardworking and loyal employee but despite that in the span of seven years she never had any raise nor promotion. I think she was really fed up.

I think it is normal for people to look on the other side of the fence where it always look greener to really quantify if we are really happy where we are. She passed the two jobs and were just weighing things out which one will fit her the most. I am truly glad for her for finding a new job is never easy.As I was thinking about her luck and I thought why not try and go over the job ads this weekend maybe there's something better waiting for me too. After all what would it cost me aside from skipping work and buying newspaper. Who knows my dream job might be waiting for me to be taken.

Weekend Snapshot

Happy, Close-up, Colgate or Sodium Chloride...
well whatever it is the SMILE is there!!

What are you having for lunch?

This past weeks I have tons of work. Time is passing by so swiftly that when I look at my watch its already twelve noon and time to eat. I normally eat the rest of the dinner but my appetite has increased tremendously this past few days. I guess it's stress. Anyhow food always excite me. The fact that I did not prepare anything for today I'm wondering what can I eat and where. And when I am in a hurry like this nothing beats a good sandwich. I was wondering who invented sandwiches..praise him and I would like to kiss him. I couldn't think of anything else better to eat when we are in a hurry like this. Practicality wise, normally well balanced in nutrition and is always so good. I am having turkey sandwich with lots of salad and tomatoes for lunch. How about you have you decided yet?

Oopps, after some googling up, the word sandwich came to be used around 1762. And If you love Star Trek you might enjoy this scene I found in You tube eating sandwich. Enjoy!

Wordless Wednesday #2

Let's all sing together.....
Spiderman, Spiderman,
Does whatever a spider can.
Spins a web, any size,
Catches thieves just like flies.
Look out! Here comes the Spiderman.
Is he strong? Listen bud—
He's got radioactive blood.
Can he swing from a thread?
Take a look overhead.
Hey there! There goes the Spiderman.
In the chill of the night,
At the scene of the crime,
Like a streak of light,
He arrives just in time!
Spiderman, Spiderman,
Friendly neighborhood Spiderman.
Wealth and fame, he's ignored—
Action is his reward.
To him,
Life is a great big bang-up—
Wherever there's a hang-up,
You'll find the Spiderman!

What's in your fridge??

Everytime I go back from work, I go straight to the kitchen and open our fridge. This is my usual routine at around seven in evening. I would check what menu I could prepare for our dinner. When it is the start of the month, I could make lots of fabulous dishes but as day advance my meager resources are pushing me to use my imagination.

Having a fridge with lots of fresh things inside I guess is the dream of any house-wife. But more often we are confronted with the reality that the fridge starts to get empty as our stomach but we need to cook something to please the palate of our household. I knew a friend who turns off practically her fridge because it is always empty. With the increasing prices of electricty I somehow understand her point of view.

I have a cabbage and some bean sprouts left at the bottom part of my fridge, I guess I will have to cook some chopseuy tonight.

Weekend Snapshot

How do you handle frustration?

I don't know. It's one thing so hard for me to handle. One baggage I cannot stand to carry is handling one's frustration.

Everytime I think of all the frustrations that I have, little and big things I wasn't able to do. Or failures that I had in the past. I can't help but feel self pity. When moments like this happen. I stay long on my shower and let my tears flow as the water flow. I'm not getting any younger but the way I'm handling frustration is still way my league. I hope I will become a much stronger person to be able to deal with it next time it comes.

Sorry I can't tell what causing me this pain. Sorry for being so frustrated. :-(

My first wordless Wednesday..or is it Thursday?

Blue Thursday.

Is it the weather? Or my moods?

Definitely not. Today we are celebrating the 55th Wedding Anniversary of my in laws. A lasting love that gave them 8 beautiful children, 15 grandchildren and 9 great-grandchildren. The couple love so much travelling and the sea. So what better way to celebrate their anniversary in this oceanic blue theme dinner. We feasted on lots of grilled fish, sea-foods and a triple layer cake. Yummy!

How do you get rid of your meddling neighbors??

Familiarity breeds contempt. I have always believed in this.

I got a phone call from my sister yesterday complaining about her neighbors. Apparently they have a neighbor that's passing their time in her house whenever she is not around. The neighbors were apparently friends of their nanny. Since it's kinda hard to find a good nanny they are trying to be pleasant with her. The neighbors started by chatting with their nanny. But eventually they would eat, sleep and watch television at her house everytime she is not there.

The worst is that this weekend she caught them playing cards in front of the kids. My sister is in dilemna to scold her nanny as she is worried something bad will happen to her baby if she does that. In the first place it was her too nice attitude to them that gave them the go signal to be too comfortable at her place. Lucky for me I dont have "parasite" neighbors like that. And you how will you deal with it?

How do you choose a good nanny??

My husband was thinking of going back into the workforce. Of course I have always been there to back him up, but if ever this will push through we will definitely be needing a good nanny.

Nanny no matter how sexy or pretty she can be is not really a criteria for us. What we only need is someone we could trust our beautiful children. Someone who is strong and intelligent enough to make decisions when it is important and someone that will love our kids. Well, it might be hard afterall. I have plenty of friends who manages to work full-time by engaging a nanny. But I have also seen how often they changed their nannies in years time. One stole, one got pregnant, one forgot their daughter in her school and other stories hard to imagine.

As I was chatting with my sister the other day, she told me that her officemate's baby died of drowning in a swimming pool after the nanny forgot about her when she took something from the kitchen. Taking care of babies requires a lot of responsibility and attention. The problem I see here most often, people employ nannies from neighbors or friends friend. Without even checking if they background and experience in raising and taking care of kids. We are partly to be blame too, don't we?

What is real democracy??

As I am typing this post, I don't know how on earth I will go back home. I was just advised that there will be a transportation strike, "again".

I understand perfectly the need for jeepney drivers to express their discontentment about this rising price of oil barrels but what about us, commuters? We do have right to express to our feelings and opinions over this matter. Sometimes it makes you feel like the children in the middle of battling parents for custody. Government and jeepney drivers have their word to say everytime there is an issue that affects them. But in the end, it is always the commuter that gets the blow. I'm just part of those thousands of commuters who just like to earn decently our money. But today, I am preparing my rubber shoes for my day might be long. It might be a long walk back home.

Where is democracy in this?

Pay per post, it

I have been seeing a lot of PayPerPost members blog advertising blogging around the blogosphere world. And to be honest about it, I had this growing curiosity on the question Do they really earn from blogging? How on earth would somebody pay someone for blogging on topics this someone loves? Shall I try it or not?

I started indexing the PPP site on my favourites blog advertising a few months back. But of course I was always stopped by the fact that I might not have the time or it might not work. A good friend of mine who is a PPP member, blog advertising however, assured me that I could manage my time, no pressure. Then I had this urge to browse the site few weeks ago. But that lazy browsing ended up with me signing up, registering my blog.. and some 3 working days checking my emails for a possible good news.

When I saw the subject Your blog has been approved, I excitedly logged in and checked for some opportunities. Wow, there are just a lot of opportunities waiting to be grabbed and reviewed. And since with PayPerPost, members are encouraged to talk about the things they love, blog advertisingI don’t think there are better ways to motivate and inspire aspiring members but to write with great enthusiasm.

So what are you waiting for? Get paid to blog. Click on the site and see for yourselves.

blog advertising

Kramer vs kramer

I hate a heated argument with my husband today.

After breakfast, as normal routine we talk on how we would spend our upcoming vacation. And it always end up we like opposite things. I want beach and sand while he wants mountain and calmness. Then he asked me what will he do with the bangus fish we are planning to eat for dinner. I wanted it fried while he wanted it in sinigang. Small issues like that piled up and it exploded into a heavy fight.

I knew I read somewhere it is healty for couples to have fight. Sometimes I ask how possible it is that we are so different. As normal routine we would shout until our efforts cant anymore. I would go out and he would enter in our room. And afterwards we would try to reconcile.

How much do you hate your bestfriends?

Let's stop pretending. It is indeed possible to hate people we love right?

My bestfriend and I grew up in the same neighborhood. Despite that I am older by three or more years we still grew up very close to each other. We have lots of funny and unforgettable moments together. She's been there on all the ups and downs of my life. She played her part of being a shoulder to cry on or somebody to pat your back when you did something great. We are really best of friends.

But, hating her has been a part of our relationship. She hated me too I know. It is so hard to quantify how we grew up to have this sort of competition among us. I had my hair cut short, she had hers few days after. I enrolled in a swimming class she claimed she did too. I said that I have a crush on the new neighbor she told me she was the first one to notice him. When we were teenagers, I could understand this behavior. But now, being both happily married and have kids I sometimes feel I have a shadow trying to imitate all my moves in life. I got married, she did too. I had kids, she did too. Sometimes it is already too tiring, but that's how I become used to our love-hate relationship. Is she jealous of me, or I am her idol. Either way I hate this all these years. Yesterday, I had the courage to tell her how I feel. It shocked her. I still don't have any words from her. Hoping she could forgive me for my honesty.

A devastating cyclone

When I opened my yahoo account yesterday, I was devastated seeing the news on the side bar. The truth about all this, the reason I rarely open news or watch television is to spare me from all this bad news going on around the world.

I know that not by avoiding them bad things don't happen anymore. But yesterday I could n't helped but saddened by the news of a strong cyclone killing about ten thousand people in Myanmar. It is a country not far from Philippines and what happened there could happen too in our country. Today I will say my little prayer for all the victims of typhoon. I hope you will take time out too to pause and remember there bereaved souls.

Hilary or Barack???

Would you cast your vote for a woman President or a colored one?

It would probably the bogging question every spectator of the American political arena that is set to be on fire this coming election. It could be interesting to imagine how American decisions in the international scene would change having considered this one tiny detail, who could be the next American President?

I am never or rarely interested in politics. As I always feel that entertainment and politics are the same in many ways. But this recent race to White house between this two concurrents really amazes me. Sometimes its Barack who is winning then the next day its Hilary. Actors and politicians alike have made their choices already. With only few months away left on this much awaited election, have you made your choice already?

Our country maybe far from United States but each Americans decision on this matter will definitely affect every lives on earth.

Vinegar or Tomatoes??

Taking breakfast is essential. In fact it is the most important meal of the day because it breaks the fast that we did, meaning not having to eat for a long time.

At home, we see to it, that we take our breakfast seriously. Fried rice, fried egg or scrambled, fried fish or fried meat. The smell in our kitchen every morning definitely attracts all the bypassers as our fried rice is definitely delicious. I got my recipe from my mom. However, the grand debate at home normally starts with having vinegar with fried fish or having it with diced tomatoes. I grew up where vinegar is venerated like god. My sister would even drink it. Probably because my grandmom makes there own vinegar and is definitely uncomparable to the one we find commercially marketed. On the other hand, my huby battles that diced tomatoes are the best with fried fishes. He hates the smell of vinegar in the morning arguing that tomatoes is much healthier. He maybe right on this two aspects but saltiness of our dried fishes is never as good eaten with vinegar. It always is a grand debate at home every morning until one day a neighbor dropped by. Couldn't stand the heated debate that sparks on whether vinegar or tomatoes is better. She enterend in our kitchen put the chopped tomatoes in the vinegar and added up some chilis and presto our argument is over ever since. Bon appetit!

The best halo halo in town...

Spending summer in Philippines without Halo-Halo is not summer.

I remember when I was a kid I grew up in a place where almost all our neighbors were selling halo-halo come summer. And everytime I do errand and receive money for doing so I immediately compensate myself by buying a Halo-halo. The more there is milk and sweet stuffs inside the better. It was small taste of heaven for a little girl like me.

Recently I had a meet up with one of my former classmates. She suggested to meet up at Razon's eatery in Makati Greenbelt. Completely, neophyte to this place I never knew that this place offers what everybody is claiming to be the best Halo-Halo in town. And I tell you when I had my serving it only took me 3 minutes to finish it off. There was less sweet stuff inside only sweetened bananas and macapuno but the shaved ice was really creamy. I'm sure I will definitely invite my hubby and kids to eat here this weekend. Go check out spiderman eating halo-halo that I found on the YOu tube. Funny or not it's you to decide.

Dyesebel swimming into our television primetime

Ok, I am neither Kapuso nor Kapamilya. But when I heard recently that one of my favorite Pinoy comics super-hero will be on our boob tube I cannot help but only feel excitement.

I would admit that I grew up in the era were reading comics was our favorite past time. I still remember those days where we used to rent comics for twenty five or fifty centavos. Wakasan, Happy comics are some of my favorites. It was a distant past where reading brings us to emotions unexplainable. Too bad that with the recent improvements in our lives we have forgotten about this times. Comics industry died down during the Marshall Law in the 70's. It tried so much to make a healty rebound but still people opt to watch rather than to read. I would say we got lazier. Anyways, avid fan of Dyesebel or not it is worth supporting Pinoy creations that who knows might be known globally in the future. Enjoy some Dyesebel teaser I found on the net.

Stinky everywhere...

For the first time, my boss requested me to accompany her on her business trip in Pangasinan for two days.

I know that my husband hated taking care of the house alone with our children but I didn't hesitated accepting this opportunity. I have always loved travelling. Much when you will be paid to do it. It was my frustration to work as a flight stewardess way back. I thought that it could be the ideal job that would allow me to travel everywhere and anywhere. But of course that is before I tasted my first immersion on this job long time ago on a small scaled domestic plane. Our training showed me that we are doing more a servants like job than a prestigious profession I have always dreamed of. Anyways, I have never been to Pangasinan so I was really excited. We stayed overnight in a three star hotel who's facilities are quite rustic but the service was quite acceptable. Unfortunately, my boss who grew up abroad preferred to eat international cuisine more than the specialty of the region. So I didn't think twice then to buy all Pangasinan goodies I know I will miss. I also too the liberty of buying bangus and most specially lots of Pangasinan bagoong.

Much to my surprise when I arrived home, my bag was leaking and smells horrible. Apparently, one of the bottles of bagoong that I bought messed up my stuffs. :-(, Lessons learned know how to pack them clean and nice to avoid such incident. Now Im spending my hours cleaning my stuffs instead of feasting on all these Pangasinan goodies I bought.

Do you believe in ghost?

It's been quite a while that I have been pondering if I will share my "unexplainable experience" of an encounter with my dad who just recently passed away here in my blog. But I keep on telling myself that is something personal and besides I am not sure if people will believe me. But then, it is always relieving to share stories like this.

Four days after the death of my dad one of our neighbor who is a known medium dropped by in our house. She was my sister's friend and she already narrated to us numerous occassions of her close encounter with the ghosts. But then of course, it is your prerogative to believe it or not. I wasn't there it was only my sister who was accommodating her. They were seated on the living room of my parents' house when suddenly the medium looked on the corner of the house and seemed to smile at somebody. My sister guessed then, if my dad was indeed present. She nodded her head. The two tried to avoid discussing the presence and opted to talked about other stories; when she was about to live I arrived the medium bid us goodbye and whispered in my ears that my dad apparently wants to talk to our mom. I then told her that I was wondering if my dad ever knew that I was there. As soon as i said those words I heard voice who called my name one time. And then i suddenly had goosebumps everywhere. I had a very strong feelings at that moment that my dad was there watching us.

I have never seen the movie ghost but if it's really true, I was glad I had that encounter for I felt he was there. it made me so happy.


I have never took a plane ride in my life. Not because I cannot afford one (probably maybe :-) but simply because I am afraid.

Everytime I would go to Cebu, Boracay or fvisit my riends in the provinces I have never opted to buying plane tickets no matter how much I am pressed with time I always end up braving hours of bus ride and ferry ride. I have fears of flying. I am not ashamed because this isn't a rare case. Yesterday I met my long lost friend who's been living in Dubai for fifteen years now. I after we have graduated in college she ended up working in a hotel in Dubai. When she narrated to me her trip going back to Philippines I was so scared for her. She said their plane passed a very strong turbelence and she thought she was gonna die. Her images of her life and her childred passed before her very eyes. She survived. I asked her if she would take the plane again, she said that no matter how scary it could be she has no other means for it is her only way to visit her family back in Philippines. How I wish in the future they could build a teletransporting machine to zap us in the place we want. That would be cool and that would mean less stress on bombing or any terrorism. No need too for hours of waiting in the airport.

Rice rice baby.....

I remember as a kid our parents often told us on the importance of valuing each grain of rice we find in our plate. We cannot leave the table not unless we finish off the rice served on our plate.

Our grandparents have rice plantation in the Visayas and they knew how hard it is to cultivate this most important grain in our daily lives. It is true that rice occupies an important statut in our society. But we the recent rice hoarding going on I cannot help but sigh on this aggravating situation. Every morning our market is already jampacked by people lining up to buy the "so called' affordable NFA Rice that cost around only 18 pesos per kilo. Everytime I see the people lining up there It further shows me how Filipinos would sacrifice everything in the name of having a rice. But yesterday as I read the newspaper, I've learned that a grandfather died of heatstroke while lining up for this cheap rice. I felt an intense anger over this news. Somehow Im asking myself if its really true what they say that it was the Arroyo's adviser's tactic to deviate our attention from the ZTE corruption issue that everybody was too preoccupied to rally for 2 weeks ago before this rice hoarding issue surfaced. Arroyo being a good economist boggles my mind of the same question. Knowing Filipinos we would definitely fight for having something to eat more than politics. Hmmmm, this strategy is way far inhuman if its really true.

Cebu Cannister Scandal

What does cannister, anus and Cebu hospital have in common? They are all the culprit in a highly sensationalised video incident that happened last year.
I'm pretty sure you have heard recently of this big scandal that boggled our society over this You Tube uploaded video of a gay patient on an operating table where laughters and insults from doctors, nurses and other hospital staffs as seen on the video while doing the operation. Most people who are unaware of the incident would wonder why the give so much fuss about this? The truth is the gay patient was being operated for having a body spray cannister stock in his anus (for a story nobody knows :-) he heheh ). What was scandalizing on the issue was not the fact that this gay had a problem because of his creative sexual practices but on the lack of professionalism on the part of the people to whom we entrust our lives when we are sick; doctors and nurses. We could hear loud laughters on the background as if the gay was giving birth, 'baby is out, baby is out'. When desperate housewives used as a punchline slightly attacking doctors who graduate from Philippines everybody got offfended. But this misbeaheavor somehow revendicates this joke.
So what are the lessons learned on this story: if you are gay don't get too drunk with your lover or it might end up into something you will regret after. And if you are sick be sure that you are under the hands of doctors and nurses that you can trust. If you are lucky you will still be able to catch this much talked about video in the You tube!

Im still in pain....

It's been more than two weeks since my dad passed away our lives start to be back to normal but no matter how much we try to do every time we think of our good times together we cannot help it but cry. I know that crying and letting go is so important in this healing process but it is truly hard to say goodbye to someone you love so dearly and you know you will never have the chance to see him again. I know that I am not alone in this situation because there are hundreds or maybe thousands of people out there who have lost their loved one. I always thought that I am a courageous person and that nothing can bring me down. But this emotional burden that I am carrying right now is way beyond my capacity.

Last night as I watched Ricky Lo's interview with Kris Aquino about her own pain and battle on her mom (Corazon Aquino) fighting against colon cancer I cannot help but emphatized with her. It is true that we have gone through so much troubles and worries in life that we never imagine that in the latter years of our life there are challenges like these still in store for us. Kris and I are both lucky to have parents who gave us more than what we need and that is deep love and care from our parents. I am still lucky to have my mom with me but it will definitely take a lot of time before I will completely heal on losing my dad. But I am hopeful this day will come one day.

One bus ride away.......

I still haven't been to my dad's wake.

Please do not think that I am un ingrateful daughter because that is not the case. I have still tons of things to attend to and I guess the main reason would be, is that I am too scared to see him. I am too afraid to face the reality that he is not there anymore. I am too scares to see his things, his favorites clothes that we bought for him, his wheel chair, everything on this house is my dad we will definitely feel so lost and empty.

I didn't sleep well last night. I have all the images of my dad from the last time I saw him. There was even a small misunderstanding between my sister and him, but we were able to fix things out. He was seated on his chair, that chair he used for long time with a mug of coffee on the other hand. I kissed him on his forehead and told him that he needs to lisren to my sister and he needs to take care of his health. He looked at me and said he will. These are only part of his memories to me now. It feels so weird. I know that I am just few hours of bus away from seeing him for the last time

Ode to tatay

I am a very shy person. I guess it is the reason why in here on my blog I am taking advantage of doing and writing about anything I will never be and couldn't be. I could shout out all the things I will never have the courage to say in public.

Today, I would like to honor my father with this post. I know he will never have the opportunity to read this nor to know what I want to tell him so this is a message directed to him on heaven.

You are the most wonderful dad in the world. We may not be blessed with material richness but your wittyness, courage, intelligence, and good sense of humor are characters that well described you. I will guard forever in my heart all the sacrifices that you have done for all of us. I will guard forever in my heart all those happy moments we shared together. In my eyes you will always be that strong and handsome guy. I love you so much Tatay.

Wherever you are, your memories and spirit will always be burning in our hearts.

Thank you Tatay!

How do we cope up on losing someone?

This morning while I was taking my shower my phone rang. It was my answering machine who took the message. My dad just died. I tried to call immediately my sister living with him but no avail to talk to them properly. They were at the height of their emotion , trying their best to accept the bad news.

When I have learned about it, I was so shock. My body is trembling from the inside. I hugged my husband and tried to be strong. I feel so empty from the inside. I am still trying to convince myself that its just a nightmare. For years my dad has been battling with the complications of his diabetes. I have been preparing myself long time ago about this but then at the back of my mind I always try to guard my hope that everything is gonna be alright. But this time its really the end. It is with deep sadness that I write this post. When we lose someone we love so much and we owe everything in life, how do we deal with it?

They say time heals any wound....I guess but it would probably take eternity.

Have you been rick rolled already?

One of the newest internet terminology I have learned today (you can check it's wikipedia version) is the term Rickroll, which means to be directed to Rick Asley's famous video in the 80's Never Gonna Give You Up, which had its all time high view during the April Fools Joke prank done by various media companies. The term rickrolled basically means, you been fooled to watch this video instead of the real link you wanted to see. The prank on rickrolling started last year May 2007 but it was last April that it reached almost 13 million people who have been rickrolled.

Well, I wouldn't personally mind watching this old video of Rick Asley for I used to love this music. so for the fun let's go and check it out.

She's on the way....

Oh she's on the way. Finally! That is what we all thought so.

Do not think that we are waiting for her arrival but definitely we will be waiting. Yesterday my cousin announced us the good news. After eleven years of marriage, they are finally blessed with their second baby. The first one was adopted of course. Announcing baby's arrival is always clouded with happiness, enthusiasm, or fear of rejection for others. Not everyone is blessed to have it at the time they are really planned. I remember when we heard the news that my eighteen year old niece is pregnant it was indeed a big shock for everybody. How about her studies? Who is the father? And other silly questions. I personally think that baby's arrival should always be a reason to for rejoice; no matter what the situation or the circumstance is. Whether the mom is married or single, the father is known or not it is never the baby's fault in the first place. And besides the mother's on the way are always very fragile. What they need is love, acceptance and support rather than judgment and criticisms. Im truly glad about thhis news, it was probably the reason why I had a dream last night that I was pregnant. Do not think I'm dreaming of having the third baby, because it is not the case. I am just really excited over this announcement.

Fortune telling...

Do you ever believe in fortune telling?

I was asked yesterday by my boss to drop by in our Manila branch to do some errands for him. I accepted the task (not only because I had no choice) but also because I saw this as an opportunity to visit Quaipo Church, the church very close to my heart that I get to visit rarely since my husband and I moved to our house in Cavite. Quaipo church has always his charm as always; the multitude of people that caricatures the day to day life of people trying to make a living out of Nazareno. You would see some down on their knees praying for others for a price, the ones selling sampaguita garlands, candles and almost anything. Would you believe even your fortune. I knew this exist since time immemorial but I wonder how often they would have a customer that will believe their lies. I have never believed in fortune telling, I am sorry but that is the truth. I know for one that when my grandmother was still alive, she saw one hoping to know what future holds her. The fortune teller told her that his husband will die before. This worried my grandmom a lot and lead her to becoming an alcoholic. Naturally she died before my grandfather, for he lived for very very long time. In fact my grandmom never saw us because she died even before we were born.

So who believes in fortune telling. Me, never!

Washing dirty linens online..i mean public

During my coffee break on work, I normally spend my time reading personal emails. Most of the time I spend all the leisure time reading and replying their emails that I normally forbid myself on opening all of them as I consider it loosing a lot time. Bad me, I opened the email of my best-friend despite the fact I know it wasn't such important but must be some bunch of internet jokes and stuff like that. I wasn't wrong. Her email was emtpy just a link on a site and she told me to read it.

I must have been really eaten up by my personal life that I am too late of scandals everybody is talking about. Not that I think I am missing a lot of things but sometimes to be afloat we need to stay in the current. The link lead me to a blogger's site close to a tele-drama series maligning online one by one the villains characters in his life during his famous "love-life" with a filipino socialite. It didn't shocked me at all that it is a vendetta actions of an australian guy who fell in love and lost all his wealth to his ex-boyfriend. The blog has been read by millions of people all over the world in such a short time not because the blog was brilliantly written but simply because people love mingling with other people's misery. I feel sad about him. The veracity of what he is fighting didn't even occur to my mind. I just realised how powerful internet could be in influencing people's opinion, thoughts and reactions. Sad to say, that there millions of people reading this blog everyday and waiting for his online attacks on the so called people who ruined his life but he is ruining their life too in return. I will never go back and read this blog again. I am on his side because he is the one that's been cheated. But I do not support this means to gain back what we have lost.

Horrible dream...

Everything seem well last night before I went to bed.

Nothing special. I didn't watch something scary nor had some horrifying images before falling asleep. Everything was normal until I close my eyes. Everything was burning in my dream. All houses are burning. I could feel the immense heat enveloping me. It was so dark and yet the fire eating all houses and everything in between are disappear right before my very eyes. Then the scene changed I saw all my friends seated waiting for me with uncertain faces. I asked if they had already packed their things and If they already prepared for something catastrophic. And even before they could reply me, we all went running because all the remaining houses got burned. Nothing was left.

This is the first time I had a dream like this. I try to find meanings on this scary dream but I couldn't. Is this an omen for something that's in store for me or for my friends? i don't know. But I definitely need some answers. As I go to my usual morning routine I tried not to think about it for I dont want this dream to ruin my day. Hoping that this dream signifies only warmth love and strong longingness for my friends and loved ones.

Healthy walk

This weekend hubby and I decided to have spend our afternoon weekend strolling the along the newly built community park in our village. I have never seen my children this excited running and inhaling fresh ( ?) air. Trees and flowers everywhere (but were have the butterflies gone by). It reminds me when we were kids that playing on the green streets of Manila back then. Children of these days console themselves playing PS2 or any other games at home. Too bad. I made some reflections and decided I will push more my children to spend time witnessing these green stuff before it disappear before their eyes.

My baby cries a lot...;

People say that crying for babies is healthy. This allows their lungs to function even more. But sometimes it worries me to see my baby spend all her day crying. Sometimes I wonder if it doesn't cause a mental traumatisme for her.

Everyday, my baby cries like twenty hours a day. I know that my husband is better in taking care and raising our children (specially he is the one staying at home) it pains me to see how he lets our baby cry all day. When I try to interfere, he would tell me its better to let the baby cry.

Anyone, who can help me,

Giving criticisms to a friend...

We all hate being criticize but we love to give them.

Last vacation, I had the opportunity to meet the girlfriend of my brother. We all went to spent together a one week trip to Puerto Galera. As I love cooking I presumed I will be the one tasked to prepare our food for the entire vacation. Much to my amazement my brother told me that her girlfriend volunteered to cook the food for us. I was happy at a certain point for I will have the opportunity to profit spending this vacation with my husband and children. And besides I thought, the "girlfriend" wants to impress us with her kitchen prowess. Unfortunately, she cooked dishes we are not particular of. Not that its international cuisine but dishes local in their province. Much to our dismay; she massacred a big lapu-lapu we all wanted to see grilled and just eaten with plain soy sauce and kalamansi for dippings with her dish that is pseudo "sinigang and tinola". It was soupy but has not the distinct taste of sour and spicy flavor of sinigang but just a casserole of water that has no taste. Certainly for a family of food lovers, we were all disappointed but how do we criticize someone trying to do her best. She made pork barbeque with no marinade and I tell you it was more of a fat than pork. The meat was no where to be found. Nonetheless, she was so happy serving us. We were polite and gave her compliments but It wasn't the real feelings we have. Have you ever ponder on how do we criticize positively someone?

Looking back on Holyweek practices...

Although this post is a bit too late to talk about Holyweek, my absence for a long while allows me to tackle on this issue. If you would permit.

I would proudly claim that Philippines is one of the country where Holyweek practices still shocks the rest of the world specially when it comes to crucifying people. I haven't seen one myself, but its notoriety made me so curious to know more about this filipino practice. A friend gave me one time a book that talks about this custom. There also exist the sight ofof people beating their back with broken glasses, nails or any pointed stuff attached on a whip. Cruel and barbaric, I often ask myself what do we do these for?

I don't judge people doing these thing but I wonder at what good this thing does to wash away our sins.

Vacation is over!!!

After three weeks of absence i'm finally back into blogging business.

How shall I sum it up:

1. spend holyweek with my family in the province.
2. attended cousin's baptismal
3. attended cousin's wedding
4. went on the beach

It was really fun but as we often say. Good things never last.

A perfect dinner

I have my old friends coming over at home for dinner this weekend. They are my high school classmates and it will be the first time we will see each other again after 17years. I am so excited and nervous at the same time for I want this get together to be perfect. I already asked my mom in law to come over to help baby sit our kids. I went to do my grocery and this is the menu I imagine to serve:

Grilled shrimps
Binagoongan with green mangoes
Pork barbeque with home-made atsara
Fried Rice
Buko Pie
Mangoes and bananas

yummy :-)

Magnanakaw, magnanakaw....

Would you dare shout; burglar, burglar when you have the occasion?

Yesterday, I saw my cousin. She told me not to call her anymore from her celfone nor his husband. At the beginning I thought she was angry at me but when I heard the entire story I felt scared. Apparently, the day before when she was sleeping together with her seven kids, like any other night she leaves the main gate unlock so that his husband who works late at night can enter freely without disturbing anybody. Since she was so tired she taught it was his husband who went inside their house. She said she even saw the guy from the back wearing a jacket. As she was so sleepy, she just told his husband that the dinner is on the fridge without even standing up she continued sleeping. When his real husband entered the house, an hour later she was still under shock. Because anything could have had happened if she discovered that it wasn't really his husband. Everything portable was taken from their house: their 4 celfones at home, wallets and their CD player. She was pissed for losing such stuff but was happy that the burglary didn't end up catastrophic. She promised never will she leave her house open again.

Little frog prince...

While we were sleeping last night. Our house transformed into a horror ride with the howling of my sister-in-law's voice in the living room. We don't actually have an extra room to accommodate guests passing by so everytime the occassion knocks we make them sleep in our living room. We thought everything went well. We prepared our portable and foldable bed to accommodate her for a night or two in our place. She was a bit apprehensive to sleep in the living room as it is the one closest to our garden.

At around 3 in the morning our baby like sleep was literally torn by the horrified howl of my SIL. Guess what happened. She woke up there was a big toad sleeping on her belly. It made us all laugh. :-) She was too scared going back to sleep fearing that this amphibian will climb back to her. We were wondring where it came from, definitely from the garden.

Run baby run....

I had a wonderful dream. I was the saviour of the world. Everybody depended on me. I woke up and noticed that the sun was already up for our room was already well lighted. I literally jumped from our bed when I realised that I didn't hear the alarm clock. I was already late by an hour. I woke up my husband and did my morning ritual at a speed of fifteen minutes. Which means taking my breakfast, washing my face and brushing my teeth (impossible to take my shower at this occassion). Half heartedly I endorsed my husband taking care of our kids hoping everything will be alright during my absence.

I knew I only had five minutes left to reach the finish line, I mean the fx line. For the last rip going directly to the place I work will leaves at 9:00 I still took my chance. I ran. I felt like my heart will explose. I suddenly felt that I was like Elma Muros or Lydia de Vega defending my title. I ran with all my strength and all my spirit could. When I reach the fx station, there was only one fx left and one seat left. Oh my God, thank you for being there. I arrived late but I arrived at work. And that is what really matters.

I'm a millionaire

Dreaming of becoming millionaire......

If there's one dream I believe common to us all is becoming a millionaire. As I was surfing on the net last night, I never realised the amount of articles on the net written on this topic. It could be successful stories of people who become milllionaire with their inspiring stories from rags to riches.Or a sort of a manual teaching people on how they can earn money faster and easy way. It is normal to dream of becoming a millionaire specially considering how harder it is to survive day to day's life. But unfortunately, most of us hopes to become one the easy way. I dont know how many times we heard stories of big time swindling stories (the most recent one ) is the online thing hoping to double and triple your money investments. I remember my dad who often tell me as a kid to better admire chinese as they are the best businessmen in the world of all times. They have the capacity to think in the future and knows well how to calculate risks. When I think about it, my dad could be right considering how many rich chineses live on this earth. I personally I think its nice to have a dream but knowing how to perceive then and knowing our own boundaries is the most important things to remember in this quest for being millionaire. Other than that, we could all probably join television quiz game with one million worth of prizes. :-)

Are marital disputes healthy?

Two weeks ago I came across a blog discussing how healthy it is for couples' to have arguments from to time to time. Never imagined that what I read will be put to much good use eventually that fast.

It was late at night yesterday when my husband and I had our big fight. Its quite rare that our small misunderstandings end up into something serious because automatically there is somebody that will give way and let the other express him or herself. But last night it was different, we were both tired and irritated considering all the bills and money problems that we had that even a small issue of discontentment could definitely result into something big. The culprit: the television remote control. He wanted to change the channel but she doesn't want to give him. This simple scenario aggravated and for the first time they had their exchange of nasty words. She decided to sleep instead of fighting. But how the hell can she sleep when she knows there is something bothering her. At around 1pm there he came, he didn't apologized but just hugged her. She eventually fell asleep and the next day everything is forgotten.

Breast enlargement, anyone?

What cup size do you have?

Everytime such question pop, women like me who are not bestowed by nature's richness prefer to avoid replying as the answer is quite obvious. Although I am personally confident of myself and happy despite I don't belong to the league of the likes of Pamela Anderson I assume there are plenty of women out there wishing and dreaming to be blessed with such. Peer pressure, society's judgement or much even worse their husband's or boyfriend's look pushed women of all kinds to cross this barriere and opt to undergo such chirurgical procedure. Do not think that this is a paid advertisement but I just thought of writing about this when I heard that one of my closest friend has been preparing since last month to undergo such operation much even to my surprise with the blessings of his husband.

She organised last night a small gathering among us her girlfriends so as not to shock as of the eventual augmentation of her breast. Well, when she announced the news we were all quite shocked. The truth, I don't think she ever needs it. She is already beautiful and has a well proportioned body. She doesn't need it to attract guys' attention, she will definitely succeed without going through this scalpel. But she said she really wanted it eversince. She is grabbing the opportunity now that his husband agreed to finance it. I don't want to judge her. We are all free to do what we want to our own body. Had it been his husband's idea, I will definitely give my piece. But that wasn't the case. I am just sad to realise how people can be unsatisfied and unhappy despite all the blessings that they already have. It's human nature to want what we don't have. As I look at myself this morning in the mirror, I realised how I even appreciate myself for who I am and for what I have. :-)

Sautéed bagoong a real comfort food

As I was chatting with my pregnant neighbor this morning our conversation ended up on how savory bagoong (fermented shrimps) could be matched with almost anything. It is funny that no matter how stinky the scent or how salty its taste, for filipinos bagoong is really a delectable comfort food. I personally enjoy eating it with unripe mangoes and fried eggplant. Interesting how its saltiness perfectly harmonizes with the acidity of mangoes and the blandness of egg-plants. I remember when we were kids my parents meager resources resulted into making us eat bagoong and grilled egg-plant everyday. At the beginning we find it difficult but we eventually loved its taste. I would blame that as the reason why I was ridiculously fat when I was teenager. :-)

As I was imagining the goodness of bagoong matched up green mangoes and egg-plant the barker of the fx angrily shouted at me, "stop day dreaming Ma'am". Whew, I just replied with a smile on my face and thought that I will definitely cook bagoong tonight for dinner.

First love never dies..?

I'm pretty sure, we all had our puppy love. I remember in high school how many times I blush everytime I see my crush passing by. I had this classmate of mine, who happens to be the cutest, the most intelligent and the most gentleman of all my classmates. My infantuation for him keeps growing everyday because he used to seat close to me. We grew to become best of friends but he never knew nor discovered that I was indeed in love with him for years. Until of course we parted ways when we bought pursued our different courses in university. How time flew so fast. Sometimes I imagined what could have happened had I had the courage to tell him that I liked him all those years.

As I was lining up in a pharmacy to buy my son's vitamins, when all of a sudded I noticed this guy staring at me for quite a while now. He approached me and told me, that he was indeed my classmate and he used to seat beside me. I was so shocked. For all those years never imagined we will cross path again. I was so shock too to see that he has changed so much. The guy next door image he used to have metamorphosized into a grown up fat man. Ha hahaha, my husband is still better looking than him. We exchanged numbers and promised each others to keep contact.

Movies and pop-corn

Yesterday night my hubby was really sweet. He cleaned the house and cook our dinner. I was wondrin if he was doing this as his late valentine's gift for me. Probably I guess, coz we didn't do anything yet. He cooked all my favorite dishes and the best part of it he even baked some brownies for me. He was really sweet, I hope everyday is like this. And the best part of it, he rented some horror movies and we ate some pop-corn.

The only bad thing, with all the horror movies we saw I had the hard time sleeping after :-)

I won I won

As I was lazily watching the television late afternoon, I received a text message from an unknown person. When I checked the message it was telling me that I won a rice cooker in "draw lot" contest of their shop. I thought at the beginning that it was a joke because I don't know how many times I already received unbelievable messages like that claiming that I wont thousand pesos but I need to contact certain lawyer. I normally ignore the message but since the prize was just a small stuff it couldn't be fake. I tried to call the number they gave me and was quite surprise it was really true.

Upon pondering I just realised that it was like few months back that I furnished an entry form for this shop and little did I know I will win one of the major prizes. Of course what is a rice cooker when I already have one but the idea of winning something is still great!

How do you pick up a fight.....

It was already past ten in the morning. I told my superior I just needed to rush to the nearest post station to send a very important parcel for my grandmom. I told her it won't take time. I was a bit surprised she allowed me. I thought that she probably had a good valentine evening with his husband contrary to mine (i'll probably blog about this one of these days). When I arrived in the post office, unfortunately there was a long line up of people.

So imagine myself carrying my big parcel where there are about thirty people squeezing in with their parcels too at a small office of 30° celsius, you will naturally be in the mood for fighting. As my stress start to climb for it's been 10 minutes I'm stock in this place, the woman lining in front of me saw a friend of hers. Guess what she did. You guess it right, she invited her friends to cut the line and to be with her. I would normally pass a moment like this unconcerned afterall I'm not the last person on the line. But with the heat and stress of breaking my promise to my boss to be back on time, I shouted at this girl and scolded her. Well this ended up a really bloody bickering between two desperate woman at their fighting age. I'm sure no need for details :-)

On eating adobo...

Murphy's Law, "Whatever can go wrong will go wrong, and at the worst possible time, in the worst possible way".

We were all in the kitchen, hubby is helping me out in preparing our dinner. I have been craving for adobo since the other day so I opted to prepare it that night. As I was cutting the chicken and pork I realised that we don't have any soy sauce anymore. Hubby decided to rush to the nearest sari-sari store to help me out. I was a bit worried for its been like ten minutes already that his been gone knowing that the store was just two blocks away from home. I thought I could probably starting boiling the pork and chicken with the rest of the ingredients thinking I could add up the soy sauce when he returns. As I turn on the stove and put my casserole, I heard the neighbor calling my name. I rushed immediately outside to check who he was. It was Jake our neighbor telling me that I needed to rush to the nearest police precint for my husband is there. What? He was apparently been on a wrong place at a wrong time. Police were apparently chasing a burglar wearing denim jeans and a white shirt. They thought it was him. I went immediately in the police station with the kids. Hubby was there being questioned. It took one good hour before we suceeded in convincing him that it couldn't be him. As we went back home this police interrogation incident totally shocked my hubby. I consoled him that what matter now is that we are going back home and we will have a good dinner. As we enter our house, there were smoke everywhere, that's the only time I realised that I have forgotten to turn off the stove. As we enter the kitchen the place is invaded with a disgusting smell of a burnt casserole. That night despite our hungry stomach, we only ate bananas and bread.

Neighbor's saga part 2

The next day, as expected the entire family of our neighbor's wife were there. As I often say "never never wash dirty linens in the public", well this one has really way out my league. The drama scenariao attracted almost all the gossipers in our street. The father despite his age who was a retired soldier, literally wrenched the husband from their "lovey dovey nest". The mother was there calm as she console her disheartened daughter. I almost feel like crying but seeing all our neighbors enthusiasm as if they are watching a basketball match where the other team is leading with ten points lead, I couldn't helped but smile.

I feel so sad for my neighbor. She is a nice, timid girl that I often exchange small smile and look. Sometimes, why bad things happen to nice people. Finally our barangay captain arrived with a handful of policemen. The husband was on the ground crying for pardon. If you were on my neighbors shoes would you?

On spying the neighbor....

Truth hurts.

I don't know how many times I've heard about this line. I don't know how many hearts have been broken all in the quest for truth.

Yesterday my sleepless night become even more intense with the usual fightings of our friendly neighbor. I am normally used to hearing their "nasty and soury" words thrown against each other but last night it was really different. I normally don't have the habit of eavesdropping but it has been already a long tele-novela series to me. I do not want to miss the climax as I put it. I stood up and really put my ears close to the wall to hear clearly what they were saying.

I still couldn't believe what I've heard. I always say that sometimes the reality are so much surrealist it is always hard to believe. Spying on the neighbor made me discover that wife was not really the wife #1 but the wife#3. Do not judge immediately for it wasn't her fault at all. The husband apparently has three identity and used three names to succeed in marrying different woman in different places. Ouch! I wonder what's gonna happen tomorrow.

What if the next Pinoy Idol is your best-friend....

Singing is my passion. I would rather say I sing more than I talk. If my life is a theatre it could be a musical one. When I heard about the success of British Idol which was eventually imported in the US, American Idol I was waiting impatiently for its turn in the Philippines.

Although the Pinoy version is less extravagant and spectacular our local candidates' singing prowess are not left behind by their international counterpart. I have plenty of foreign friends who often told me that filipinos indeed are good singer. I would say this is true for we love to sing. Nobody parties will ever be complete without the karaoke or singing festivities involved with it. Ever since Pinoy Idol was launched, I have always dreamt of participating. But I am too shy to be seen in the boob tube. I guess I'm never really made for that. I sometimes imagine myself passing for an audition, being insulted and rejected. That would be fun. I remember when hubby pulled a joke on me registering me in a singing competition. It was really a stupid joke on his part. But it made us all laugh.

Just a moment ago, I received an email from my best-friend, claiming his in the finals of the Pinoy Idols Singapore. I wish he will make it!

Good news, bad news

I don't know how many times we've heard of this: good news, bad news. When you are to announce news like that will you start with the good one and finish off with the bad one? Or vice versa? Anyways, It's always hard to make the decision for the end result is always the same. This was my feeling when my best-friend phoned me yesterday.

It has been seventeen years that she was searching for her long lost eldest sister. It's never been easy to be far away from our loved one specially when it was a deliberate decision to flee from home. She left home when she was 19 years old when their mom decided to re-marry. Everybody was against their mom's decision but it was her the only one who really had the guts and the eldest at that to really stand firm on their decision. The day of their mom's wedding was the last day they saw their eldest sister. Their mom didn't do anything to search for her hoping that one day she will decide to go back home and forget this "stupidity"(as her mom's calls it). The only thing it seventeen years before this thing really happened.

I remember she often tells me how she misses her sister and how she hated her mom for doing that to them. So when she called me and announced me the good news that her eldest sister is finally back home I was quite surprise to hear her voice sounded the contrary. I thought, that probably it was due to the fact that the seventeen years of absence made her feel indifferent with her or probably it created tension at their house. Imagine her mom and his new husband. Anyways she told me that they already kissed and made up. Her sister is much grown up and a mature person now. I told her that it was a great news. And she even told me her sister showed up because she was planning to get married and she wants the blessing of her mom. I told her that these are all good news that I'm hearing how come she wasn't happy.

Then she told me the bad news. During that long seventeen years, her sister has been molested by lesbian that eventually caused her to become one. She's been living in Japan and since then she had undergone operation to become a man. She or he just decided to be back in Philippines to process her documents on changing her identity. I would admit that until now I'm still shock about this news. :-)

A wedding and a funeral

I'm pretty sure you have already seen the movie that launched the career of Hugh Grant in Hollywood, 4 weddings and a funeral. This week I felt like I'm living this film in reality. Do not think I'm playing the lead role cause I am already married. Let me say I'm playing the role of one the friends. All these started, 2 months ago when my friend announced to us the good news that she was finally engaged to marry his long-time boyfriend. Naturally we were all excited because among our circle of friends she is the only one remaining to be single. And you know the pressure for a single girl at her age, is really quite tough. We don't know how she succeeded in convincing his boyfriend to engage in this serious thing but we were really happy.

Last week I finally received the invitation card for the wedding. Since she is from a well off family I knew that her parents are willing to spend a lot of money for their one and only daughter. And I was right, the venue for the wedding is in one of those five star hotels I knew I will never imagined I could set my foot. I was really excited but I knew I needed to prepare well for this event. I don't want my husband and I to look miserable among the other invitees. Unfortunately my husband doesn't want to come. Not even the lap-dancing I did for him convinced him to come with me. Nonetheless it was fine for some of my friends decided to show up too without their husband and kids.

When we arrived in the church it was really touching. I was so moved to see so much flowers and candles decorated only for this one hour ceremony. We sat close to the exit door to have more fresh air as there were really too many people in this small church. The one hour ceremony seemed to last too long, since it wasn't my wedding or let me put it this way. I couldn't even see their facial reactions. Anyways, we couldn't stop from laughing when we heard the voice of the priest. I don't know why our friend chose a priest that has speech disability. He cannot pronounce very well certain syllables. The solemn mass from time to time echoed small laughter on the background. Apparently, the head priest was sick and he was the priest from the other parish that pitched in. Anyways, we were all excited to finish this mess when all of a sudden we heard a screaming voice from the background. Apparently there was one of the guest that loss consciousness and collapsed. The mass was halted and everybody when to the rescue of the old woman.

Good thing there was a good samaritan doctor in the crowd who didn't hesitated to re-animate the old woman. But all the efforts were futile, because the woman died at that instant. Everybody were so shocked a wedding that suppose to be a moment of rejoice turned into a nightmare.

Year of the rat and corruption controversies....

I am not a chinese neither my husband, but chinese influence is really strong in our country. Yesterday, I bought home some tikoy, as always it is such a head-ache to cook them if you dont use eggs. Anyways the taste is always worth the chewing:-) Well for those who are already familiar with Chinese Astrological signs, this year 2008 is actually the year of the Rat. so what is in store for us this year, (according to my researches on the net) this will be a year of hardwork, activity and renewal. so for those wishing to change job, get married or planning to launch a new project this is the best time to do it! But of course to guarantee one's success it is important to have patience :-) Happy chinese new year to all!! And probably you must have heard about this latest controversy on Malacanang First Gentleman, if not yet I'm sharing you this. Let the video speak for itself.

On losing one's ...................... wallet:!

Have you lost something really important to your wallet? I know It sounded so materialistic, but it wasn't definitely my day yesterday.

I had an important appointment with doctor for my son's vaccination. We woke really early because I know that commuting is never easy specially when you are travelling with a baby. I prepared all my stuffs and my baby's stuffs. I was so much in hurry, that I didn't notice that my wallet fell from my pocket. I only realised I lost when I arrived in my doctor's clinic. I called my husband to verify if I really took my wallet with me. When he announced me the bad news, I knew I was up for a bad day that day. He needed to fetch me and our son to the clinic, because I don't have any means to pay the doctor neither to go back home.

As you expected, during the entire trip going back home my husband scolded me like a little girl that lost her doll. Maybe not just doll but a very expensive doll, I should say. I was so pissed imagining I have to call my bank to cancell my card. I was so disgusted to imagine I needed to go through those tedious processes to re-apply for all my important ID's and documents. These were all the thoughts running in my head, when my phone rang. It was a girl claiming she found my wallet.

Whew, thank God there are still honest people on earth!

Sigmund Freud SOS!!!

Have you ever wonder what does our dream means? What do they represent in our real life?

Last night, I woke up in the middle of my dream. I was terribly scared. I remember very little of what I lived through while I was sleeping but I knew it was terrifying. My husband tried to calm me down. He gave me a glass of water and told me that everything is gonna be fine. I tried sleeping, but I couldn't. And then all of a sudden I realised that my eyes are getting heavier and heavier. And I don't remember anything.

"I was garbed with a beautiful long dress. I stared in the mirror and it was not my face. I had a very long black hair and I look tall. Somebody arrived, and it was my dad. He doesn't have the face of my dad at all. But in my dream, he was my dad. He is very stout and small. I would say he looks like about 65 years old. Everybody is calling him mayor. When we went down in the beautiful, winding staircase. We were welcomed by a handful of guests in the big living room. There was a music playing in the air. And everybody were so happy. The chandelier hanging on the ceiling shows the elegance and the affluence of this house. There were waiters serving canapés and apperitif to all guests. It was at this ambiance, that I tried to sneak out of the gathering. I tried to went down in the basement. The hallway looks really dark and the stairs keep on descending. When I finally arrived, I saw plenty of naked people chained from one another. Everything looks really dark and they all look very sad and helpless. ......"

I opened my eyes and I saw my husband smiling at me. "Sweetheart its already 6 am you need to wake-up if you don't want to be late. Now I know why I was so terrified. Because for the second time I saw the continuation of my dream. I don't know what it means but it could easily pass for a horror movie.

A long lost friend

I wasn't too akin in using those social networking sites such as Friendster and Facebook. But this weekend, I finally had a time for myself to enjoy the net because my in-laws dropped by at the house and they helped out in taking care of my kids. Let say I finally had a weekend and I was free to do things for myself. My mom-in law volunteered to cook our lunch and dinner. I was so glad they came for I really felt pampered for the first time. I didn't hesitated to tell them I have been longing to go to a beauty parlor for a haircut. I spend my Saturday morning having hair cut and buying clothes and books for myself. As I was lining up to pay for my books. I was so shocked to have seen my long lost friend lining up too. We ended up chatting for hours and hours over a cup of coffee. She told me I could check out her family photo album thru her Friendster account. Although it wasn't the first time I heard about this. I have an account but I haven't really explored it yet.

When I went back home, a delicious lunch was waiting for me at home. Sound's like a fairy tale story to me. A delicious chicken soup, fried fish and she even baked some brownies...oh i hope my mom-in law would stay longer. She is always welcome. After lunch, the entire afternoon I searched for all my long lost friends in Friendster.

These cynical eyes

People are probably wondering that I love less my husband. For since I started blogging, I have only shown him as a portrait of a lazy and unemployed husband. I must admit that the only thing hundred percent true in this sentence is the fact that he is jobless. But on being lazy and unemotionnal I must probably exaggerating a bit. You could probably picture our couple's relation on the famous all time favorite now defunct comedy series of John & Marsha where Dely Atayatayan would attack incessantly Dolphy for being a poor husband of her daughter. How I miss this series!

Well, In reality it is my husband who haild from well-off family. Part and parcel to be blame of this callowness he has over the hard and difficult realities of life is the way his family brought him up. But nonetheless, he is a loving husband and father to our children. Let say it these eyes of mine that sees this glass half-empty.

Love Struck Writing contest; ng pumana si Kupido

As Valentine's day is fast approaching, stories of love hits everywhere. I may not always have the occassion to share how my husband and I crossed our path until cupid struck us with his arrow: I am taking this occassion to share that moment.

I met my husband long time ago. I was on my third year in the university while he was on his second year in highschool. May-December love affair? Call it anyway you like it but this is how we met and the story that goes with it.

I was a working student during college days. To earn extra buckets, I was employed by a tour operator packaging field trips for students. I was part of the brigade of what they call "tour-guides" assisting students so that teachers and principals can have time to enjoy the trip. I normally work on Wednesdays and Saturdays: the days I dont have classes. My daily schedule is always very hectic, so that Wednesday that we met up to pick up the students for our field trip, I wasn't even aware where we're going. After couple of hours of driving, we finally arrived in a big compound of a very known private school outside Manila. We saw the students all eagerly waiting for us. As normal procedure goes, students were directed towards their buses which are numbered. My Boss, told me to climb on bus number 4 and she told me those are prime section of the second year class. As we often do, I introduce myself and our field trip started. The field trip arranged for these students was a very demanding one in terms of preparation. Since it was a historical field trip to Intramuros, we were obliged to know historical facts. At around 4 in the afternoon the field trip is over. But we need to rush back to the school, since the school is outside Manila. For a tiring day like this I often end up miggling with the students inside the bus on our way back. I decided to go in the middle of the bus, since I was all the time in the front seat. One of the girl student invited me to sit close to her. We chatted a lot of stuffs. Out of tiredness and lack of sleep, I yawned with my two arms extending. Suddenly, I felt a hand that held my hand. I thought it was, the girl student seated behind me. But I realise afterwards, since everyone on the bus started teasing me. I looked back only to realise it was a guy's hand. I blushed, "oh my gosh he was so good looking", I thought. Why I didn't notice him during the trip, I thought again. I pulled back my hand, but it was already too late. Everybody was laughing and teasing us. I decided to go back on my seat instead on the front row still blushing. We arrived in the school but this incident is still in my head. Everyone bid me goodbye. He decided to leave the bus the last one. And he told me, I'll see you tomorrow. I smiled and I'm still trembling.

After I met up with my colleagues and my Boss, she told me afterwards, that I needed to skip classes the next day for they are in short of a guide for the Third year and Fourth year batches. I didn't hesitated to accept the job, which I normally do for my studies are my priority. But I was longing to see this guy again, for the last time. All my colleagues are teasing me. Apparently everybody's aware of this holding hand incident inside my bus. The next day, I was very excited. I exerted effort to look prettier, after all this is probably the last time I will ever see this cute guy again. When we arrived at the school, to my dismay, all the second year students that were present yesterday were there except him. Where could he be I thought. Then of the student told me, that this guy is often late in class. I tell you, my sky crumble into pieces over me. During the entire trip with the fourth year students, I wasn't me. I was so disgusted to miss my class thinking at least I will see this "cute guy" again. Come to think of it, all those "stupid and crazy things I did in the name of love...or infantuation?." I had the impression that the field trip ended so long that day. But I was still keeping some hope in my heart that I could probably see him again when we bring back the students to their school. But my sky crumbled again into million pieces, when our bus driver explained to me it was a local holiday in that town. Roads will surely be blocked and buses will not be able to reach the school. I almost feel like crying, explaining that to the students that they will probably needed to go down few kilometers away from school. It was already dark and raining when we reach the town. The students decided to go down immediately and bid me goodbye. I was less enthusiastic than yesterday, for obvious reasons. Then our bus driver told me, that I needed to go down too, because he will already go back to Manila. He asked me whether
I go back with him to Manila or I waited for my colleagues and our Boss somewhere else in the town. I opted the latter. Great!, I don' t have my umbrella and my heart is broken. I was standing there waiting for the bus to leave. When I turned my head up, I saw him standing on the other side of the road, smiling at me. I thought I was dreaming. I pinched myself and it was true. He ran towards me and helped me with my stuffs. He held my hand again and we escape to a nearest abode to keep us from rain. We were all wet but my heart wad full of joy and excitement. He whispered in my ears, "You scared me, I thought I'll never see you again, I'll never let you go from now on". And that's the start of it.

My head explosing....

Today I'm particulary dead tired. The overtime worked at the office and the pressure of my superior is really pushing my red button. The only thing that keeps me going is the pay check that will surely pass my hand unnoticed considering the bills and the expenses at home. God I wish my "house-husband" will finally have the courage to start finding a job. On my way home I could already see the tons of house work waiting for me. On the door way there were my two kids eagerly happy to see me. On times like this, no matter how tired I am I could never let my children down. As I played with them, I was wondrin where could be my husband. In the neighbor, I guess probably not that far or he wont leave the kids by themselves alone. I was right, he was running back home (probably because he saw me) , gave me a kiss and told me this.

"Darling, I know now the mystery behind the disappearance of your fried fish"

"Is that the reason why you were out and left the kids by themselves..?"

"Ah, non, it was Jake the neighbor who asked me to give him a hand..."

"on what...?"

"Ahh , there's a birthday party at their place he just asked me to taste some of the dishes he know..."

Definitely, I could smell something fishy on this story...Anyways, I asked him..

"So what was the mystery behind my fried fish.."

"Well you see, its Myra's fault".. "I actually saw her on the table that night, but it didn't occur to me what was she up to..."

"Myra, who??", I asked...

"You know, Jake's cat...


My lunch's great Huddini act

I always have the habit of preparing extra food during our dinner not to accommodate the uninvited guests embarking at our place from time to time. But to serve them for my lunch box at work for a more economical way of eating. As part of my ritual after work, I would pass by at the market to buy fresh ingredients for our dinner. That night my attention was caught by the bangus (milkfish) on sale, not only for their freshness but because of the ear-piercing voice of the vendor. Out of pity for his throat and to passer by's ears I bought about two kilos. The faster he gets rid of his fish the faster we won't hear his agony. I cleaned the fish, cut them into two and immediately prepare a marinating sauce of vinegar, garlic and salt to where they will bathe for an hour. We enjoyed the dinner of this fried fish, some vegetable salad and bananas to finish it off in our palate. I was even humming a melody as I clean our table and prepare my lunch box's meal for tomorrow. As I don't want to put them in the fridge right away, I let them stayed for few while on the table. The next day as I pulled out my lunch-box to my great dismay, there were only vegetable salad and rice that's left on it. The fried fish I put unexplainably disappeared. Empty stomach means emtpy brain. :-(

Manic Monday Panic Monday

Grrrr, same as my Sunday morning. I didn't slept well last night.

We were luckily spared by the neighbor but my little boy howled the entire night. Not even my Avon make-up could do anything to cover these soggy eyes. Off I went to work, with a pinch in my heart wondring how my hubby will take care of the house and our little ones. And what else is not good on Monday morning like these but a heavy traffic jam. Now I'm here staring in front of my computer trying to fight my strong desire to sleep and balancing a cup of hot noodles on my hand. That's what you call multi-tasking; eating, daydreaming, napping and working at the same time.

Oh gosh I hope its already 5:30 can't wait to be back home. Then I suddenly got a text message from my husband asking me where I put the diapers. I wanted to say and where did you put your eyes?...hehehehe, we can't be nasty when he is doing his best...well I guess I'm not really too far from home.

Sunday morning..God I wish were on Friday...

I had bad night.

Let me tell you how.

I woke up at six am (on a Sunday morning imagine that!) I barely slept 5 hours for my night was incessantly serenaded by my baby's cry and the bickering of the new couple who live next to our aparment. Since they moved in a month ago, there was never a moment that they weren't exchanging nasty words. But last night it was different; aside from the normal sobbing and yelling there were glasses and plates I could imagine flying and as it hit the surface..BANG, Click,Clang!!! a melody that lacks musicality. I looked at my husband. He was motionless , sleeping like a baby close to me. I told him to wake up he looked at me with his eyes half closed and said; "sleep mind your own business". Hmmm, sometimes I wish I have Hiro Nakamura's power to stop the time. Things would be a lot easier. I tried sleeping, but it was the symphony of my husband's snoaring that forbid me this time. Despite that I closed my eyes and tried sleeping again. And when I was just about to close my eyes, everything turned dark. I was running, there was man in suit with a gun on his hand chasing after me. I ran as fast as I could. But there was no place to hide. And then I felt a sudden tap on my shoulder. "Darling, our baby's crying again", said my husband. Whew, such a nightmare!

The big return: ang pagbabalik

After 9 months of hiding I'm finally back. I wasn't really into hibernation but nonetheless let me give you a summary of what have happened during the last 9 months of my absence:

Got pregnant (again!)
I gave birth...this was undeniably painful, imagine 14 hours of labor!
Started finding job..going through that cutthroat competition interviews..was even more tiring than giving birth :-(
Found "finally" a lame job
Back into blogging

Well not that much but it was one hell of a roller-coasters of emotions :-)