Love Struck Writing contest; ng pumana si Kupido

As Valentine's day is fast approaching, stories of love hits everywhere. I may not always have the occassion to share how my husband and I crossed our path until cupid struck us with his arrow: I am taking this occassion to share that moment.

I met my husband long time ago. I was on my third year in the university while he was on his second year in highschool. May-December love affair? Call it anyway you like it but this is how we met and the story that goes with it.

I was a working student during college days. To earn extra buckets, I was employed by a tour operator packaging field trips for students. I was part of the brigade of what they call "tour-guides" assisting students so that teachers and principals can have time to enjoy the trip. I normally work on Wednesdays and Saturdays: the days I dont have classes. My daily schedule is always very hectic, so that Wednesday that we met up to pick up the students for our field trip, I wasn't even aware where we're going. After couple of hours of driving, we finally arrived in a big compound of a very known private school outside Manila. We saw the students all eagerly waiting for us. As normal procedure goes, students were directed towards their buses which are numbered. My Boss, told me to climb on bus number 4 and she told me those are prime section of the second year class. As we often do, I introduce myself and our field trip started. The field trip arranged for these students was a very demanding one in terms of preparation. Since it was a historical field trip to Intramuros, we were obliged to know historical facts. At around 4 in the afternoon the field trip is over. But we need to rush back to the school, since the school is outside Manila. For a tiring day like this I often end up miggling with the students inside the bus on our way back. I decided to go in the middle of the bus, since I was all the time in the front seat. One of the girl student invited me to sit close to her. We chatted a lot of stuffs. Out of tiredness and lack of sleep, I yawned with my two arms extending. Suddenly, I felt a hand that held my hand. I thought it was, the girl student seated behind me. But I realise afterwards, since everyone on the bus started teasing me. I looked back only to realise it was a guy's hand. I blushed, "oh my gosh he was so good looking", I thought. Why I didn't notice him during the trip, I thought again. I pulled back my hand, but it was already too late. Everybody was laughing and teasing us. I decided to go back on my seat instead on the front row still blushing. We arrived in the school but this incident is still in my head. Everyone bid me goodbye. He decided to leave the bus the last one. And he told me, I'll see you tomorrow. I smiled and I'm still trembling.

After I met up with my colleagues and my Boss, she told me afterwards, that I needed to skip classes the next day for they are in short of a guide for the Third year and Fourth year batches. I didn't hesitated to accept the job, which I normally do for my studies are my priority. But I was longing to see this guy again, for the last time. All my colleagues are teasing me. Apparently everybody's aware of this holding hand incident inside my bus. The next day, I was very excited. I exerted effort to look prettier, after all this is probably the last time I will ever see this cute guy again. When we arrived at the school, to my dismay, all the second year students that were present yesterday were there except him. Where could he be I thought. Then of the student told me, that this guy is often late in class. I tell you, my sky crumble into pieces over me. During the entire trip with the fourth year students, I wasn't me. I was so disgusted to miss my class thinking at least I will see this "cute guy" again. Come to think of it, all those "stupid and crazy things I did in the name of love...or infantuation?." I had the impression that the field trip ended so long that day. But I was still keeping some hope in my heart that I could probably see him again when we bring back the students to their school. But my sky crumbled again into million pieces, when our bus driver explained to me it was a local holiday in that town. Roads will surely be blocked and buses will not be able to reach the school. I almost feel like crying, explaining that to the students that they will probably needed to go down few kilometers away from school. It was already dark and raining when we reach the town. The students decided to go down immediately and bid me goodbye. I was less enthusiastic than yesterday, for obvious reasons. Then our bus driver told me, that I needed to go down too, because he will already go back to Manila. He asked me whether
I go back with him to Manila or I waited for my colleagues and our Boss somewhere else in the town. I opted the latter. Great!, I don' t have my umbrella and my heart is broken. I was standing there waiting for the bus to leave. When I turned my head up, I saw him standing on the other side of the road, smiling at me. I thought I was dreaming. I pinched myself and it was true. He ran towards me and helped me with my stuffs. He held my hand again and we escape to a nearest abode to keep us from rain. We were all wet but my heart wad full of joy and excitement. He whispered in my ears, "You scared me, I thought I'll never see you again, I'll never let you go from now on". And that's the start of it.

My head explosing....

Today I'm particulary dead tired. The overtime worked at the office and the pressure of my superior is really pushing my red button. The only thing that keeps me going is the pay check that will surely pass my hand unnoticed considering the bills and the expenses at home. God I wish my "house-husband" will finally have the courage to start finding a job. On my way home I could already see the tons of house work waiting for me. On the door way there were my two kids eagerly happy to see me. On times like this, no matter how tired I am I could never let my children down. As I played with them, I was wondrin where could be my husband. In the neighbor, I guess probably not that far or he wont leave the kids by themselves alone. I was right, he was running back home (probably because he saw me) , gave me a kiss and told me this.

"Darling, I know now the mystery behind the disappearance of your fried fish"

"Is that the reason why you were out and left the kids by themselves..?"

"Ah, non, it was Jake the neighbor who asked me to give him a hand..."

"on what...?"

"Ahh , there's a birthday party at their place he just asked me to taste some of the dishes he know..."

Definitely, I could smell something fishy on this story...Anyways, I asked him..

"So what was the mystery behind my fried fish.."

"Well you see, its Myra's fault".. "I actually saw her on the table that night, but it didn't occur to me what was she up to..."

"Myra, who??", I asked...

"You know, Jake's cat...


My lunch's great Huddini act

I always have the habit of preparing extra food during our dinner not to accommodate the uninvited guests embarking at our place from time to time. But to serve them for my lunch box at work for a more economical way of eating. As part of my ritual after work, I would pass by at the market to buy fresh ingredients for our dinner. That night my attention was caught by the bangus (milkfish) on sale, not only for their freshness but because of the ear-piercing voice of the vendor. Out of pity for his throat and to passer by's ears I bought about two kilos. The faster he gets rid of his fish the faster we won't hear his agony. I cleaned the fish, cut them into two and immediately prepare a marinating sauce of vinegar, garlic and salt to where they will bathe for an hour. We enjoyed the dinner of this fried fish, some vegetable salad and bananas to finish it off in our palate. I was even humming a melody as I clean our table and prepare my lunch box's meal for tomorrow. As I don't want to put them in the fridge right away, I let them stayed for few while on the table. The next day as I pulled out my lunch-box to my great dismay, there were only vegetable salad and rice that's left on it. The fried fish I put unexplainably disappeared. Empty stomach means emtpy brain. :-(

Manic Monday Panic Monday

Grrrr, same as my Sunday morning. I didn't slept well last night.

We were luckily spared by the neighbor but my little boy howled the entire night. Not even my Avon make-up could do anything to cover these soggy eyes. Off I went to work, with a pinch in my heart wondring how my hubby will take care of the house and our little ones. And what else is not good on Monday morning like these but a heavy traffic jam. Now I'm here staring in front of my computer trying to fight my strong desire to sleep and balancing a cup of hot noodles on my hand. That's what you call multi-tasking; eating, daydreaming, napping and working at the same time.

Oh gosh I hope its already 5:30 can't wait to be back home. Then I suddenly got a text message from my husband asking me where I put the diapers. I wanted to say and where did you put your eyes?...hehehehe, we can't be nasty when he is doing his best...well I guess I'm not really too far from home.

Sunday morning..God I wish were on Friday...

I had bad night.

Let me tell you how.

I woke up at six am (on a Sunday morning imagine that!) I barely slept 5 hours for my night was incessantly serenaded by my baby's cry and the bickering of the new couple who live next to our aparment. Since they moved in a month ago, there was never a moment that they weren't exchanging nasty words. But last night it was different; aside from the normal sobbing and yelling there were glasses and plates I could imagine flying and as it hit the surface..BANG, Click,Clang!!! a melody that lacks musicality. I looked at my husband. He was motionless , sleeping like a baby close to me. I told him to wake up he looked at me with his eyes half closed and said; "sleep mind your own business". Hmmm, sometimes I wish I have Hiro Nakamura's power to stop the time. Things would be a lot easier. I tried sleeping, but it was the symphony of my husband's snoaring that forbid me this time. Despite that I closed my eyes and tried sleeping again. And when I was just about to close my eyes, everything turned dark. I was running, there was man in suit with a gun on his hand chasing after me. I ran as fast as I could. But there was no place to hide. And then I felt a sudden tap on my shoulder. "Darling, our baby's crying again", said my husband. Whew, such a nightmare!

The big return: ang pagbabalik

After 9 months of hiding I'm finally back. I wasn't really into hibernation but nonetheless let me give you a summary of what have happened during the last 9 months of my absence:

Got pregnant (again!)
I gave birth...this was undeniably painful, imagine 14 hours of labor!
Started finding job..going through that cutthroat competition interviews..was even more tiring than giving birth :-(
Found "finally" a lame job
Back into blogging

Well not that much but it was one hell of a roller-coasters of emotions :-)