Giving criticisms to a friend...

We all hate being criticize but we love to give them.

Last vacation, I had the opportunity to meet the girlfriend of my brother. We all went to spent together a one week trip to Puerto Galera. As I love cooking I presumed I will be the one tasked to prepare our food for the entire vacation. Much to my amazement my brother told me that her girlfriend volunteered to cook the food for us. I was happy at a certain point for I will have the opportunity to profit spending this vacation with my husband and children. And besides I thought, the "girlfriend" wants to impress us with her kitchen prowess. Unfortunately, she cooked dishes we are not particular of. Not that its international cuisine but dishes local in their province. Much to our dismay; she massacred a big lapu-lapu we all wanted to see grilled and just eaten with plain soy sauce and kalamansi for dippings with her dish that is pseudo "sinigang and tinola". It was soupy but has not the distinct taste of sour and spicy flavor of sinigang but just a casserole of water that has no taste. Certainly for a family of food lovers, we were all disappointed but how do we criticize someone trying to do her best. She made pork barbeque with no marinade and I tell you it was more of a fat than pork. The meat was no where to be found. Nonetheless, she was so happy serving us. We were polite and gave her compliments but It wasn't the real feelings we have. Have you ever ponder on how do we criticize positively someone?