Cooking adobo

Adobo is my favorite Filipino dish.

And I don't think I'm alone. I believe this is the most popular of all the pinoy dishes. Imagine you just need garlic, vinegar and soy sauce to make this wonderful dish. Meat, chicken, fish or even vegetables will blend well with this cooking style. Well today I just feel like surfing on the net for the best adobo recipes. i'll post about it when I see and tested one that rocks!

Happy Eating to all!!

Meanwhile enjoy this American guy cooking adobo....I'm sure you will love it!


who doesn't love adobo? it should be our country's national dish :D


i love adobo. adobong baboy, manok at kahit isda. thank God im pinoy!


I love adobo mix - chicken and pork...


hmmm. love adobo too! too bad I cant perfect the taste of my mom's adobo when I am the one cooking. :(



Hahahaha... i've seen this also.My son was laughing when he heard him talk.but i told him at least he talks tagalog not like you.

That makes him stop. Bad me, I know.