LBM "Looking for Better Management"

My friend phoned me the other day, she told me she needed to take the day off for she has the LBM syndrome. Well I thought at the beginning she was talking about something else well apparently she had two job interviews that day. It is true that its been seven years that she's been working on this company. She was a hardworking and loyal employee but despite that in the span of seven years she never had any raise nor promotion. I think she was really fed up.

I think it is normal for people to look on the other side of the fence where it always look greener to really quantify if we are really happy where we are. She passed the two jobs and were just weighing things out which one will fit her the most. I am truly glad for her for finding a new job is never easy.As I was thinking about her luck and I thought why not try and go over the job ads this weekend maybe there's something better waiting for me too. After all what would it cost me aside from skipping work and buying newspaper. Who knows my dream job might be waiting for me to be taken.


i think it is healthy to look for greener pastures as long as the respect to your current company retains.