My head explosing....

Today I'm particulary dead tired. The overtime worked at the office and the pressure of my superior is really pushing my red button. The only thing that keeps me going is the pay check that will surely pass my hand unnoticed considering the bills and the expenses at home. God I wish my "house-husband" will finally have the courage to start finding a job. On my way home I could already see the tons of house work waiting for me. On the door way there were my two kids eagerly happy to see me. On times like this, no matter how tired I am I could never let my children down. As I played with them, I was wondrin where could be my husband. In the neighbor, I guess probably not that far or he wont leave the kids by themselves alone. I was right, he was running back home (probably because he saw me) , gave me a kiss and told me this.

"Darling, I know now the mystery behind the disappearance of your fried fish"

"Is that the reason why you were out and left the kids by themselves..?"

"Ah, non, it was Jake the neighbor who asked me to give him a hand..."

"on what...?"

"Ahh , there's a birthday party at their place he just asked me to taste some of the dishes he know..."

Definitely, I could smell something fishy on this story...Anyways, I asked him..

"So what was the mystery behind my fried fish.."

"Well you see, its Myra's fault".. "I actually saw her on the table that night, but it didn't occur to me what was she up to..."

"Myra, who??", I asked...

"You know, Jake's cat...



hehehe, at least you know now who's responsible for your missing fish..


Bonjour! Have a break and watch a movie...By the way, thanks for visiting my blog :)