Manic Monday Panic Monday

Grrrr, same as my Sunday morning. I didn't slept well last night.

We were luckily spared by the neighbor but my little boy howled the entire night. Not even my Avon make-up could do anything to cover these soggy eyes. Off I went to work, with a pinch in my heart wondring how my hubby will take care of the house and our little ones. And what else is not good on Monday morning like these but a heavy traffic jam. Now I'm here staring in front of my computer trying to fight my strong desire to sleep and balancing a cup of hot noodles on my hand. That's what you call multi-tasking; eating, daydreaming, napping and working at the same time.

Oh gosh I hope its already 5:30 can't wait to be back home. Then I suddenly got a text message from my husband asking me where I put the diapers. I wanted to say and where did you put your eyes?...hehehehe, we can't be nasty when he is doing his best...well I guess I'm not really too far from home.