My lunch's great Huddini act

I always have the habit of preparing extra food during our dinner not to accommodate the uninvited guests embarking at our place from time to time. But to serve them for my lunch box at work for a more economical way of eating. As part of my ritual after work, I would pass by at the market to buy fresh ingredients for our dinner. That night my attention was caught by the bangus (milkfish) on sale, not only for their freshness but because of the ear-piercing voice of the vendor. Out of pity for his throat and to passer by's ears I bought about two kilos. The faster he gets rid of his fish the faster we won't hear his agony. I cleaned the fish, cut them into two and immediately prepare a marinating sauce of vinegar, garlic and salt to where they will bathe for an hour. We enjoyed the dinner of this fried fish, some vegetable salad and bananas to finish it off in our palate. I was even humming a melody as I clean our table and prepare my lunch box's meal for tomorrow. As I don't want to put them in the fridge right away, I let them stayed for few while on the table. The next day as I pulled out my lunch-box to my great dismay, there were only vegetable salad and rice that's left on it. The fried fish I put unexplainably disappeared. Empty stomach means emtpy brain. :-(