Sunday morning..God I wish were on Friday...

I had bad night.

Let me tell you how.

I woke up at six am (on a Sunday morning imagine that!) I barely slept 5 hours for my night was incessantly serenaded by my baby's cry and the bickering of the new couple who live next to our aparment. Since they moved in a month ago, there was never a moment that they weren't exchanging nasty words. But last night it was different; aside from the normal sobbing and yelling there were glasses and plates I could imagine flying and as it hit the surface..BANG, Click,Clang!!! a melody that lacks musicality. I looked at my husband. He was motionless , sleeping like a baby close to me. I told him to wake up he looked at me with his eyes half closed and said; "sleep mind your own business". Hmmm, sometimes I wish I have Hiro Nakamura's power to stop the time. Things would be a lot easier. I tried sleeping, but it was the symphony of my husband's snoaring that forbid me this time. Despite that I closed my eyes and tried sleeping again. And when I was just about to close my eyes, everything turned dark. I was running, there was man in suit with a gun on his hand chasing after me. I ran as fast as I could. But there was no place to hide. And then I felt a sudden tap on my shoulder. "Darling, our baby's crying again", said my husband. Whew, such a nightmare!


ha hahaha, funny anecdote !