Dyesebel swimming into our television primetime

Ok, I am neither Kapuso nor Kapamilya. But when I heard recently that one of my favorite Pinoy comics super-hero will be on our boob tube I cannot help but only feel excitement.

I would admit that I grew up in the era were reading comics was our favorite past time. I still remember those days where we used to rent comics for twenty five or fifty centavos. Wakasan, Happy comics are some of my favorites. It was a distant past where reading brings us to emotions unexplainable. Too bad that with the recent improvements in our lives we have forgotten about this times. Comics industry died down during the Marshall Law in the 70's. It tried so much to make a healty rebound but still people opt to watch rather than to read. I would say we got lazier. Anyways, avid fan of Dyesebel or not it is worth supporting Pinoy creations that who knows might be known globally in the future. Enjoy some Dyesebel teaser I found on the net.