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I have been seeing a lot of PayPerPost members blog advertising blogging around the blogosphere world. And to be honest about it, I had this growing curiosity on the question Do they really earn from blogging? How on earth would somebody pay someone for blogging on topics this someone loves? Shall I try it or not?

I started indexing the PPP site on my favourites blog advertising a few months back. But of course I was always stopped by the fact that I might not have the time or it might not work. A good friend of mine who is a PPP member, blog advertising however, assured me that I could manage my time, no pressure. Then I had this urge to browse the site few weeks ago. But that lazy browsing ended up with me signing up, registering my blog.. and some 3 working days checking my emails for a possible good news.

When I saw the subject Your blog has been approved, I excitedly logged in and checked for some opportunities. Wow, there are just a lot of opportunities waiting to be grabbed and reviewed. And since with PayPerPost, members are encouraged to talk about the things they love, blog advertisingI don’t think there are better ways to motivate and inspire aspiring members but to write with great enthusiasm.

So what are you waiting for? Get paid to blog. Click on the site and see for yourselves.

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