How much do you hate your bestfriends?

Let's stop pretending. It is indeed possible to hate people we love right?

My bestfriend and I grew up in the same neighborhood. Despite that I am older by three or more years we still grew up very close to each other. We have lots of funny and unforgettable moments together. She's been there on all the ups and downs of my life. She played her part of being a shoulder to cry on or somebody to pat your back when you did something great. We are really best of friends.

But, hating her has been a part of our relationship. She hated me too I know. It is so hard to quantify how we grew up to have this sort of competition among us. I had my hair cut short, she had hers few days after. I enrolled in a swimming class she claimed she did too. I said that I have a crush on the new neighbor she told me she was the first one to notice him. When we were teenagers, I could understand this behavior. But now, being both happily married and have kids I sometimes feel I have a shadow trying to imitate all my moves in life. I got married, she did too. I had kids, she did too. Sometimes it is already too tiring, but that's how I become used to our love-hate relationship. Is she jealous of me, or I am her idol. Either way I hate this all these years. Yesterday, I had the courage to tell her how I feel. It shocked her. I still don't have any words from her. Hoping she could forgive me for my honesty.


Give her time she'll come around.
& when time comes you'll know what to say.
have a great week ahead.