My first wordless Wednesday..or is it Thursday?

Blue Thursday.

Is it the weather? Or my moods?

Definitely not. Today we are celebrating the 55th Wedding Anniversary of my in laws. A lasting love that gave them 8 beautiful children, 15 grandchildren and 9 great-grandchildren. The couple love so much travelling and the sea. So what better way to celebrate their anniversary in this oceanic blue theme dinner. We feasted on lots of grilled fish, sea-foods and a triple layer cake. Yummy!


Lovely concept for the decor :)

Happy 1st WW on a Thursday !!!


Wow that is a great table setting, and i love the colors hope you had a good time. that is a long time to be married, congratulations to them


Now you make me so hungry. The setting of the table tells all.
It's really done with taste.

Ps: Thanks for adding me. i'll add you too.


What a beautifully set table for a great occasion!


That is so nice! I love the motif. Blue is really a good color. Wish I was there. Hehe. I added you to my blogroll. :)