Stinky everywhere...

For the first time, my boss requested me to accompany her on her business trip in Pangasinan for two days.

I know that my husband hated taking care of the house alone with our children but I didn't hesitated accepting this opportunity. I have always loved travelling. Much when you will be paid to do it. It was my frustration to work as a flight stewardess way back. I thought that it could be the ideal job that would allow me to travel everywhere and anywhere. But of course that is before I tasted my first immersion on this job long time ago on a small scaled domestic plane. Our training showed me that we are doing more a servants like job than a prestigious profession I have always dreamed of. Anyways, I have never been to Pangasinan so I was really excited. We stayed overnight in a three star hotel who's facilities are quite rustic but the service was quite acceptable. Unfortunately, my boss who grew up abroad preferred to eat international cuisine more than the specialty of the region. So I didn't think twice then to buy all Pangasinan goodies I know I will miss. I also too the liberty of buying bangus and most specially lots of Pangasinan bagoong.

Much to my surprise when I arrived home, my bag was leaking and smells horrible. Apparently, one of the bottles of bagoong that I bought messed up my stuffs. :-(, Lessons learned know how to pack them clean and nice to avoid such incident. Now Im spending my hours cleaning my stuffs instead of feasting on all these Pangasinan goodies I bought.