How do you get rid of your meddling neighbors??

Familiarity breeds contempt. I have always believed in this.

I got a phone call from my sister yesterday complaining about her neighbors. Apparently they have a neighbor that's passing their time in her house whenever she is not around. The neighbors were apparently friends of their nanny. Since it's kinda hard to find a good nanny they are trying to be pleasant with her. The neighbors started by chatting with their nanny. But eventually they would eat, sleep and watch television at her house everytime she is not there.

The worst is that this weekend she caught them playing cards in front of the kids. My sister is in dilemna to scold her nanny as she is worried something bad will happen to her baby if she does that. In the first place it was her too nice attitude to them that gave them the go signal to be too comfortable at her place. Lucky for me I dont have "parasite" neighbors like that. And you how will you deal with it?


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