Do you believe in ghost?

It's been quite a while that I have been pondering if I will share my "unexplainable experience" of an encounter with my dad who just recently passed away here in my blog. But I keep on telling myself that is something personal and besides I am not sure if people will believe me. But then, it is always relieving to share stories like this.

Four days after the death of my dad one of our neighbor who is a known medium dropped by in our house. She was my sister's friend and she already narrated to us numerous occassions of her close encounter with the ghosts. But then of course, it is your prerogative to believe it or not. I wasn't there it was only my sister who was accommodating her. They were seated on the living room of my parents' house when suddenly the medium looked on the corner of the house and seemed to smile at somebody. My sister guessed then, if my dad was indeed present. She nodded her head. The two tried to avoid discussing the presence and opted to talked about other stories; when she was about to live I arrived the medium bid us goodbye and whispered in my ears that my dad apparently wants to talk to our mom. I then told her that I was wondering if my dad ever knew that I was there. As soon as i said those words I heard voice who called my name one time. And then i suddenly had goosebumps everywhere. I had a very strong feelings at that moment that my dad was there watching us.

I have never seen the movie ghost but if it's really true, I was glad I had that encounter for I felt he was there. it made me so happy.