What are you having for lunch?

This past weeks I have tons of work. Time is passing by so swiftly that when I look at my watch its already twelve noon and time to eat. I normally eat the rest of the dinner but my appetite has increased tremendously this past few days. I guess it's stress. Anyhow food always excite me. The fact that I did not prepare anything for today I'm wondering what can I eat and where. And when I am in a hurry like this nothing beats a good sandwich. I was wondering who invented sandwiches..praise him and I would like to kiss him. I couldn't think of anything else better to eat when we are in a hurry like this. Practicality wise, normally well balanced in nutrition and is always so good. I am having turkey sandwich with lots of salad and tomatoes for lunch. How about you have you decided yet?

Oopps, after some googling up, the word sandwich came to be used around 1762. And If you love Star Trek you might enjoy this scene I found in You tube eating sandwich. Enjoy!