What's in your fridge??

Everytime I go back from work, I go straight to the kitchen and open our fridge. This is my usual routine at around seven in evening. I would check what menu I could prepare for our dinner. When it is the start of the month, I could make lots of fabulous dishes but as day advance my meager resources are pushing me to use my imagination.

Having a fridge with lots of fresh things inside I guess is the dream of any house-wife. But more often we are confronted with the reality that the fridge starts to get empty as our stomach but we need to cook something to please the palate of our household. I knew a friend who turns off practically her fridge because it is always empty. With the increasing prices of electricty I somehow understand her point of view.

I have a cabbage and some bean sprouts left at the bottom part of my fridge, I guess I will have to cook some chopseuy tonight.


there's always chocolates and fresh milk in our fridge plus the vegies.