Cebu Cannister Scandal

What does cannister, anus and Cebu hospital have in common? They are all the culprit in a highly sensationalised video incident that happened last year.
I'm pretty sure you have heard recently of this big scandal that boggled our society over this You Tube uploaded video of a gay patient on an operating table where laughters and insults from doctors, nurses and other hospital staffs as seen on the video while doing the operation. Most people who are unaware of the incident would wonder why the give so much fuss about this? The truth is the gay patient was being operated for having a body spray cannister stock in his anus (for a story nobody knows :-) he heheh ). What was scandalizing on the issue was not the fact that this gay had a problem because of his creative sexual practices but on the lack of professionalism on the part of the people to whom we entrust our lives when we are sick; doctors and nurses. We could hear loud laughters on the background as if the gay was giving birth, 'baby is out, baby is out'. When desperate housewives used as a punchline slightly attacking doctors who graduate from Philippines everybody got offfended. But this misbeaheavor somehow revendicates this joke.
So what are the lessons learned on this story: if you are gay don't get too drunk with your lover or it might end up into something you will regret after. And if you are sick be sure that you are under the hands of doctors and nurses that you can trust. If you are lucky you will still be able to catch this much talked about video in the You tube!


even gays have rights they are still people it's not their fault being a gay it's just because of the sorroundings, would any one who like to have a scandal like that? nobody right?


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