Horrible dream...

Everything seem well last night before I went to bed.

Nothing special. I didn't watch something scary nor had some horrifying images before falling asleep. Everything was normal until I close my eyes. Everything was burning in my dream. All houses are burning. I could feel the immense heat enveloping me. It was so dark and yet the fire eating all houses and everything in between are disappear right before my very eyes. Then the scene changed I saw all my friends seated waiting for me with uncertain faces. I asked if they had already packed their things and If they already prepared for something catastrophic. And even before they could reply me, we all went running because all the remaining houses got burned. Nothing was left.

This is the first time I had a dream like this. I try to find meanings on this scary dream but I couldn't. Is this an omen for something that's in store for me or for my friends? i don't know. But I definitely need some answers. As I go to my usual morning routine I tried not to think about it for I dont want this dream to ruin my day. Hoping that this dream signifies only warmth love and strong longingness for my friends and loved ones.