Fortune telling...

Do you ever believe in fortune telling?

I was asked yesterday by my boss to drop by in our Manila branch to do some errands for him. I accepted the task (not only because I had no choice) but also because I saw this as an opportunity to visit Quaipo Church, the church very close to my heart that I get to visit rarely since my husband and I moved to our house in Cavite. Quaipo church has always his charm as always; the multitude of people that caricatures the day to day life of people trying to make a living out of Nazareno. You would see some down on their knees praying for others for a price, the ones selling sampaguita garlands, candles and almost anything. Would you believe even your fortune. I knew this exist since time immemorial but I wonder how often they would have a customer that will believe their lies. I have never believed in fortune telling, I am sorry but that is the truth. I know for one that when my grandmother was still alive, she saw one hoping to know what future holds her. The fortune teller told her that his husband will die before. This worried my grandmom a lot and lead her to becoming an alcoholic. Naturally she died before my grandfather, for he lived for very very long time. In fact my grandmom never saw us because she died even before we were born.

So who believes in fortune telling. Me, never!