Washing dirty linens online..i mean public

During my coffee break on work, I normally spend my time reading personal emails. Most of the time I spend all the leisure time reading and replying their emails that I normally forbid myself on opening all of them as I consider it loosing a lot time. Bad me, I opened the email of my best-friend despite the fact I know it wasn't such important but must be some bunch of internet jokes and stuff like that. I wasn't wrong. Her email was emtpy just a link on a site and she told me to read it.

I must have been really eaten up by my personal life that I am too late of scandals everybody is talking about. Not that I think I am missing a lot of things but sometimes to be afloat we need to stay in the current. The link lead me to a blogger's site close to a tele-drama series maligning online one by one the villains characters in his life during his famous "love-life" with a filipino socialite. It didn't shocked me at all that it is a vendetta actions of an australian guy who fell in love and lost all his wealth to his ex-boyfriend. The blog has been read by millions of people all over the world in such a short time not because the blog was brilliantly written but simply because people love mingling with other people's misery. I feel sad about him. The veracity of what he is fighting didn't even occur to my mind. I just realised how powerful internet could be in influencing people's opinion, thoughts and reactions. Sad to say, that there millions of people reading this blog everyday and waiting for his online attacks on the so called people who ruined his life but he is ruining their life too in return. I will never go back and read this blog again. I am on his side because he is the one that's been cheated. But I do not support this means to gain back what we have lost.