She's on the way....

Oh she's on the way. Finally! That is what we all thought so.

Do not think that we are waiting for her arrival but definitely we will be waiting. Yesterday my cousin announced us the good news. After eleven years of marriage, they are finally blessed with their second baby. The first one was adopted of course. Announcing baby's arrival is always clouded with happiness, enthusiasm, or fear of rejection for others. Not everyone is blessed to have it at the time they are really planned. I remember when we heard the news that my eighteen year old niece is pregnant it was indeed a big shock for everybody. How about her studies? Who is the father? And other silly questions. I personally think that baby's arrival should always be a reason to for rejoice; no matter what the situation or the circumstance is. Whether the mom is married or single, the father is known or not it is never the baby's fault in the first place. And besides the mother's on the way are always very fragile. What they need is love, acceptance and support rather than judgment and criticisms. Im truly glad about thhis news, it was probably the reason why I had a dream last night that I was pregnant. Do not think I'm dreaming of having the third baby, because it is not the case. I am just really excited over this announcement.