Ode to tatay

I am a very shy person. I guess it is the reason why in here on my blog I am taking advantage of doing and writing about anything I will never be and couldn't be. I could shout out all the things I will never have the courage to say in public.

Today, I would like to honor my father with this post. I know he will never have the opportunity to read this nor to know what I want to tell him so this is a message directed to him on heaven.

You are the most wonderful dad in the world. We may not be blessed with material richness but your wittyness, courage, intelligence, and good sense of humor are characters that well described you. I will guard forever in my heart all the sacrifices that you have done for all of us. I will guard forever in my heart all those happy moments we shared together. In my eyes you will always be that strong and handsome guy. I love you so much Tatay.

Wherever you are, your memories and spirit will always be burning in our hearts.

Thank you Tatay!


I am sure your father is one of a kind. I salute him for that! Take care and be brave !