Im still in pain....

It's been more than two weeks since my dad passed away our lives start to be back to normal but no matter how much we try to do every time we think of our good times together we cannot help it but cry. I know that crying and letting go is so important in this healing process but it is truly hard to say goodbye to someone you love so dearly and you know you will never have the chance to see him again. I know that I am not alone in this situation because there are hundreds or maybe thousands of people out there who have lost their loved one. I always thought that I am a courageous person and that nothing can bring me down. But this emotional burden that I am carrying right now is way beyond my capacity.

Last night as I watched Ricky Lo's interview with Kris Aquino about her own pain and battle on her mom (Corazon Aquino) fighting against colon cancer I cannot help but emphatized with her. It is true that we have gone through so much troubles and worries in life that we never imagine that in the latter years of our life there are challenges like these still in store for us. Kris and I are both lucky to have parents who gave us more than what we need and that is deep love and care from our parents. I am still lucky to have my mom with me but it will definitely take a lot of time before I will completely heal on losing my dad. But I am hopeful this day will come one day.