I have never took a plane ride in my life. Not because I cannot afford one (probably maybe :-) but simply because I am afraid.

Everytime I would go to Cebu, Boracay or fvisit my riends in the provinces I have never opted to buying plane tickets no matter how much I am pressed with time I always end up braving hours of bus ride and ferry ride. I have fears of flying. I am not ashamed because this isn't a rare case. Yesterday I met my long lost friend who's been living in Dubai for fifteen years now. I after we have graduated in college she ended up working in a hotel in Dubai. When she narrated to me her trip going back to Philippines I was so scared for her. She said their plane passed a very strong turbelence and she thought she was gonna die. Her images of her life and her childred passed before her very eyes. She survived. I asked her if she would take the plane again, she said that no matter how scary it could be she has no other means for it is her only way to visit her family back in Philippines. How I wish in the future they could build a teletransporting machine to zap us in the place we want. That would be cool and that would mean less stress on bombing or any terrorism. No need too for hours of waiting in the airport.