How do we cope up on losing someone?

This morning while I was taking my shower my phone rang. It was my answering machine who took the message. My dad just died. I tried to call immediately my sister living with him but no avail to talk to them properly. They were at the height of their emotion , trying their best to accept the bad news.

When I have learned about it, I was so shock. My body is trembling from the inside. I hugged my husband and tried to be strong. I feel so empty from the inside. I am still trying to convince myself that its just a nightmare. For years my dad has been battling with the complications of his diabetes. I have been preparing myself long time ago about this but then at the back of my mind I always try to guard my hope that everything is gonna be alright. But this time its really the end. It is with deep sadness that I write this post. When we lose someone we love so much and we owe everything in life, how do we deal with it?

They say time heals any wound....I guess but it would probably take eternity.


All my condolences! Just be strong my friend. Will also say a prayer.


Condelence. I'm very sorry to hear about your father. I hope you are okay now!