Rice rice baby.....

I remember as a kid our parents often told us on the importance of valuing each grain of rice we find in our plate. We cannot leave the table not unless we finish off the rice served on our plate.

Our grandparents have rice plantation in the Visayas and they knew how hard it is to cultivate this most important grain in our daily lives. It is true that rice occupies an important statut in our society. But we the recent rice hoarding going on I cannot help but sigh on this aggravating situation. Every morning our market is already jampacked by people lining up to buy the "so called' affordable NFA Rice that cost around only 18 pesos per kilo. Everytime I see the people lining up there It further shows me how Filipinos would sacrifice everything in the name of having a rice. But yesterday as I read the newspaper, I've learned that a grandfather died of heatstroke while lining up for this cheap rice. I felt an intense anger over this news. Somehow Im asking myself if its really true what they say that it was the Arroyo's adviser's tactic to deviate our attention from the ZTE corruption issue that everybody was too preoccupied to rally for 2 weeks ago before this rice hoarding issue surfaced. Arroyo being a good economist boggles my mind of the same question. Knowing Filipinos we would definitely fight for having something to eat more than politics. Hmmmm, this strategy is way far inhuman if its really true.