Are marital disputes healthy?

Two weeks ago I came across a blog discussing how healthy it is for couples' to have arguments from to time to time. Never imagined that what I read will be put to much good use eventually that fast.

It was late at night yesterday when my husband and I had our big fight. Its quite rare that our small misunderstandings end up into something serious because automatically there is somebody that will give way and let the other express him or herself. But last night it was different, we were both tired and irritated considering all the bills and money problems that we had that even a small issue of discontentment could definitely result into something big. The culprit: the television remote control. He wanted to change the channel but she doesn't want to give him. This simple scenario aggravated and for the first time they had their exchange of nasty words. She decided to sleep instead of fighting. But how the hell can she sleep when she knows there is something bothering her. At around 1pm there he came, he didn't apologized but just hugged her. She eventually fell asleep and the next day everything is forgotten.