These cynical eyes

People are probably wondering that I love less my husband. For since I started blogging, I have only shown him as a portrait of a lazy and unemployed husband. I must admit that the only thing hundred percent true in this sentence is the fact that he is jobless. But on being lazy and unemotionnal I must probably exaggerating a bit. You could probably picture our couple's relation on the famous all time favorite now defunct comedy series of John & Marsha where Dely Atayatayan would attack incessantly Dolphy for being a poor husband of her daughter. How I miss this series!

Well, In reality it is my husband who haild from well-off family. Part and parcel to be blame of this callowness he has over the hard and difficult realities of life is the way his family brought him up. But nonetheless, he is a loving husband and father to our children. Let say it these eyes of mine that sees this glass half-empty.


For richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health til death do us part ! Remember that !whatever challengges goes on our way, we should stick together with our hubby,it's always better to do things by two, much easier :D !


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