What if the next Pinoy Idol is your best-friend....

Singing is my passion. I would rather say I sing more than I talk. If my life is a theatre it could be a musical one. When I heard about the success of British Idol which was eventually imported in the US, American Idol I was waiting impatiently for its turn in the Philippines.

Although the Pinoy version is less extravagant and spectacular our local candidates' singing prowess are not left behind by their international counterpart. I have plenty of foreign friends who often told me that filipinos indeed are good singer. I would say this is true for we love to sing. Nobody parties will ever be complete without the karaoke or singing festivities involved with it. Ever since Pinoy Idol was launched, I have always dreamt of participating. But I am too shy to be seen in the boob tube. I guess I'm never really made for that. I sometimes imagine myself passing for an audition, being insulted and rejected. That would be fun. I remember when hubby pulled a joke on me registering me in a singing competition. It was really a stupid joke on his part. But it made us all laugh.

Just a moment ago, I received an email from my best-friend, claiming his in the finals of the Pinoy Idols Singapore. I wish he will make it!


I can sing too.....in the bathroom :D !


wow you must be proud of your singing talent! i love to sing, too but i think i was not born to be a singer...
Goodluck to your friend!