I won I won

As I was lazily watching the television late afternoon, I received a text message from an unknown person. When I checked the message it was telling me that I won a rice cooker in "draw lot" contest of their shop. I thought at the beginning that it was a joke because I don't know how many times I already received unbelievable messages like that claiming that I wont thousand pesos but I need to contact certain lawyer. I normally ignore the message but since the prize was just a small stuff it couldn't be fake. I tried to call the number they gave me and was quite surprise it was really true.

Upon pondering I just realised that it was like few months back that I furnished an entry form for this shop and little did I know I will win one of the major prizes. Of course what is a rice cooker when I already have one but the idea of winning something is still great!


Hi, swerte naman. I think I only won once, di ko pa matandaan kung ano. haha xchange tayo ng links? :)