How do you pick up a fight.....

It was already past ten in the morning. I told my superior I just needed to rush to the nearest post station to send a very important parcel for my grandmom. I told her it won't take time. I was a bit surprised she allowed me. I thought that she probably had a good valentine evening with his husband contrary to mine (i'll probably blog about this one of these days). When I arrived in the post office, unfortunately there was a long line up of people.

So imagine myself carrying my big parcel where there are about thirty people squeezing in with their parcels too at a small office of 30° celsius, you will naturally be in the mood for fighting. As my stress start to climb for it's been 10 minutes I'm stock in this place, the woman lining in front of me saw a friend of hers. Guess what she did. You guess it right, she invited her friends to cut the line and to be with her. I would normally pass a moment like this unconcerned afterall I'm not the last person on the line. But with the heat and stress of breaking my promise to my boss to be back on time, I shouted at this girl and scolded her. Well this ended up a really bloody bickering between two desperate woman at their fighting age. I'm sure no need for details :-)


I hate this kind of people, very undisciplined! If that happens to me they could have a taste of my roundhouse kick ;) !