Good news, bad news

I don't know how many times we've heard of this: good news, bad news. When you are to announce news like that will you start with the good one and finish off with the bad one? Or vice versa? Anyways, It's always hard to make the decision for the end result is always the same. This was my feeling when my best-friend phoned me yesterday.

It has been seventeen years that she was searching for her long lost eldest sister. It's never been easy to be far away from our loved one specially when it was a deliberate decision to flee from home. She left home when she was 19 years old when their mom decided to re-marry. Everybody was against their mom's decision but it was her the only one who really had the guts and the eldest at that to really stand firm on their decision. The day of their mom's wedding was the last day they saw their eldest sister. Their mom didn't do anything to search for her hoping that one day she will decide to go back home and forget this "stupidity"(as her mom's calls it). The only thing it seventeen years before this thing really happened.

I remember she often tells me how she misses her sister and how she hated her mom for doing that to them. So when she called me and announced me the good news that her eldest sister is finally back home I was quite surprise to hear her voice sounded the contrary. I thought, that probably it was due to the fact that the seventeen years of absence made her feel indifferent with her or probably it created tension at their house. Imagine her mom and his new husband. Anyways she told me that they already kissed and made up. Her sister is much grown up and a mature person now. I told her that it was a great news. And she even told me her sister showed up because she was planning to get married and she wants the blessing of her mom. I told her that these are all good news that I'm hearing how come she wasn't happy.

Then she told me the bad news. During that long seventeen years, her sister has been molested by lesbian that eventually caused her to become one. She's been living in Japan and since then she had undergone operation to become a man. She or he just decided to be back in Philippines to process her documents on changing her identity. I would admit that until now I'm still shock about this news. :-)


Life is sometimes strange, it surprises us in anyway ! I hope she or he will not regret it one day.