On eating adobo...

Murphy's Law, "Whatever can go wrong will go wrong, and at the worst possible time, in the worst possible way".

We were all in the kitchen, hubby is helping me out in preparing our dinner. I have been craving for adobo since the other day so I opted to prepare it that night. As I was cutting the chicken and pork I realised that we don't have any soy sauce anymore. Hubby decided to rush to the nearest sari-sari store to help me out. I was a bit worried for its been like ten minutes already that his been gone knowing that the store was just two blocks away from home. I thought I could probably starting boiling the pork and chicken with the rest of the ingredients thinking I could add up the soy sauce when he returns. As I turn on the stove and put my casserole, I heard the neighbor calling my name. I rushed immediately outside to check who he was. It was Jake our neighbor telling me that I needed to rush to the nearest police precint for my husband is there. What? He was apparently been on a wrong place at a wrong time. Police were apparently chasing a burglar wearing denim jeans and a white shirt. They thought it was him. I went immediately in the police station with the kids. Hubby was there being questioned. It took one good hour before we suceeded in convincing him that it couldn't be him. As we went back home this police interrogation incident totally shocked my hubby. I consoled him that what matter now is that we are going back home and we will have a good dinner. As we enter our house, there were smoke everywhere, that's the only time I realised that I have forgotten to turn off the stove. As we enter the kitchen the place is invaded with a disgusting smell of a burnt casserole. That night despite our hungry stomach, we only ate bananas and bread.


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That's terrible :( I hope your husband is feeling better.


Hope your hubby was not shock ! Next time when he goes out do not wear jeans, wear a skirt LOL ! Kidding asside. Hope is okay ;) !