A wedding and a funeral

I'm pretty sure you have already seen the movie that launched the career of Hugh Grant in Hollywood, 4 weddings and a funeral. This week I felt like I'm living this film in reality. Do not think I'm playing the lead role cause I am already married. Let me say I'm playing the role of one the friends. All these started, 2 months ago when my friend announced to us the good news that she was finally engaged to marry his long-time boyfriend. Naturally we were all excited because among our circle of friends she is the only one remaining to be single. And you know the pressure for a single girl at her age, is really quite tough. We don't know how she succeeded in convincing his boyfriend to engage in this serious thing but we were really happy.

Last week I finally received the invitation card for the wedding. Since she is from a well off family I knew that her parents are willing to spend a lot of money for their one and only daughter. And I was right, the venue for the wedding is in one of those five star hotels I knew I will never imagined I could set my foot. I was really excited but I knew I needed to prepare well for this event. I don't want my husband and I to look miserable among the other invitees. Unfortunately my husband doesn't want to come. Not even the lap-dancing I did for him convinced him to come with me. Nonetheless it was fine for some of my friends decided to show up too without their husband and kids.

When we arrived in the church it was really touching. I was so moved to see so much flowers and candles decorated only for this one hour ceremony. We sat close to the exit door to have more fresh air as there were really too many people in this small church. The one hour ceremony seemed to last too long, since it wasn't my wedding or let me put it this way. I couldn't even see their facial reactions. Anyways, we couldn't stop from laughing when we heard the voice of the priest. I don't know why our friend chose a priest that has speech disability. He cannot pronounce very well certain syllables. The solemn mass from time to time echoed small laughter on the background. Apparently, the head priest was sick and he was the priest from the other parish that pitched in. Anyways, we were all excited to finish this mess when all of a sudden we heard a screaming voice from the background. Apparently there was one of the guest that loss consciousness and collapsed. The mass was halted and everybody when to the rescue of the old woman.

Good thing there was a good samaritan doctor in the crowd who didn't hesitated to re-animate the old woman. But all the efforts were futile, because the woman died at that instant. Everybody were so shocked a wedding that suppose to be a moment of rejoice turned into a nightmare.