A long lost friend

I wasn't too akin in using those social networking sites such as Friendster and Facebook. But this weekend, I finally had a time for myself to enjoy the net because my in-laws dropped by at the house and they helped out in taking care of my kids. Let say I finally had a weekend and I was free to do things for myself. My mom-in law volunteered to cook our lunch and dinner. I was so glad they came for I really felt pampered for the first time. I didn't hesitated to tell them I have been longing to go to a beauty parlor for a haircut. I spend my Saturday morning having hair cut and buying clothes and books for myself. As I was lining up to pay for my books. I was so shocked to have seen my long lost friend lining up too. We ended up chatting for hours and hours over a cup of coffee. She told me I could check out her family photo album thru her Friendster account. Although it wasn't the first time I heard about this. I have an account but I haven't really explored it yet.

When I went back home, a delicious lunch was waiting for me at home. Sound's like a fairy tale story to me. A delicious chicken soup, fried fish and she even baked some brownies...oh i hope my mom-in law would stay longer. She is always welcome. After lunch, the entire afternoon I searched for all my long lost friends in Friendster.


Good for you. It is important for us to have time for ourselves, otherwise we become unbalanced.

I don't use the online social networks - I find e-mail good enough. Although, I did sign up for FaceBook 4 months ago after being invited by two friends; it was fun for a while, but then it took too much of my time. I rarely go there now and one friend who invited me, has deleted her account precisely because it was taking too much of her time.


i agree with you on keeping friends they are really important, and on facebook thing i was really enjoying using it at the beginning but all those games are eating my time hahaha


I know, I had to drop out because of that.