Little frog prince...

While we were sleeping last night. Our house transformed into a horror ride with the howling of my sister-in-law's voice in the living room. We don't actually have an extra room to accommodate guests passing by so everytime the occassion knocks we make them sleep in our living room. We thought everything went well. We prepared our portable and foldable bed to accommodate her for a night or two in our place. She was a bit apprehensive to sleep in the living room as it is the one closest to our garden.

At around 3 in the morning our baby like sleep was literally torn by the horrified howl of my SIL. Guess what happened. She woke up there was a big toad sleeping on her belly. It made us all laugh. :-) She was too scared going back to sleep fearing that this amphibian will climb back to her. We were wondring where it came from, definitely from the garden.