On losing one's ...................... wallet:!

Have you lost something really important to you..like your wallet? I know It sounded so materialistic, but it wasn't definitely my day yesterday.

I had an important appointment with doctor for my son's vaccination. We woke really early because I know that commuting is never easy specially when you are travelling with a baby. I prepared all my stuffs and my baby's stuffs. I was so much in hurry, that I didn't notice that my wallet fell from my pocket. I only realised I lost when I arrived in my doctor's clinic. I called my husband to verify if I really took my wallet with me. When he announced me the bad news, I knew I was up for a bad day that day. He needed to fetch me and our son to the clinic, because I don't have any means to pay the doctor neither to go back home.

As you expected, during the entire trip going back home my husband scolded me like a little girl that lost her doll. Maybe not just doll but a very expensive doll, I should say. I was so pissed imagining I have to call my bank to cancell my card. I was so disgusted to imagine I needed to go through those tedious processes to re-apply for all my important ID's and documents. These were all the thoughts running in my head, when my phone rang. It was a girl claiming she found my wallet.

Whew, thank God there are still honest people on earth!


I know how it feels to be scolded like a girl who lost her doll. I lost my wallet in France. It was a nightmare. I have to call overseas to cancel all my cards. I lost all my important IDs. It's good you found your wallet!


thanks for your compassion :-)