First love never dies..?

I'm pretty sure, we all had our puppy love. I remember in high school how many times I blush everytime I see my crush passing by. I had this classmate of mine, who happens to be the cutest, the most intelligent and the most gentleman of all my classmates. My infantuation for him keeps growing everyday because he used to seat close to me. We grew to become best of friends but he never knew nor discovered that I was indeed in love with him for years. Until of course we parted ways when we bought pursued our different courses in university. How time flew so fast. Sometimes I imagined what could have happened had I had the courage to tell him that I liked him all those years.

As I was lining up in a pharmacy to buy my son's vitamins, when all of a sudded I noticed this guy staring at me for quite a while now. He approached me and told me, that he was indeed my classmate and he used to seat beside me. I was so shocked. For all those years never imagined we will cross path again. I was so shock too to see that he has changed so much. The guy next door image he used to have metamorphosized into a grown up fat man. Ha hahaha, my husband is still better looking than him. We exchanged numbers and promised each others to keep contact.