I'm a millionaire

Dreaming of becoming millionaire......

If there's one dream I believe common to us all is becoming a millionaire. As I was surfing on the net last night, I never realised the amount of articles on the net written on this topic. It could be successful stories of people who become milllionaire with their inspiring stories from rags to riches.Or a sort of a manual teaching people on how they can earn money faster and easy way. It is normal to dream of becoming a millionaire specially considering how harder it is to survive day to day's life. But unfortunately, most of us hopes to become one the easy way. I dont know how many times we heard stories of big time swindling stories (the most recent one ) is the online thing hoping to double and triple your money investments. I remember my dad who often tell me as a kid to better admire chinese as they are the best businessmen in the world of all times. They have the capacity to think in the future and knows well how to calculate risks. When I think about it, my dad could be right considering how many rich chineses live on this earth. I personally I think its nice to have a dream but knowing how to perceive then and knowing our own boundaries is the most important things to remember in this quest for being millionaire. Other than that, we could all probably join television quiz game with one million worth of prizes. :-)


It's not impossible to be millionaire. Read personal finance blog.