Run baby run....

I had a wonderful dream. I was the saviour of the world. Everybody depended on me. I woke up and noticed that the sun was already up for our room was already well lighted. I literally jumped from our bed when I realised that I didn't hear the alarm clock. I was already late by an hour. I woke up my husband and did my morning ritual at a speed of fifteen minutes. Which means taking my breakfast, washing my face and brushing my teeth (impossible to take my shower at this occassion). Half heartedly I endorsed my husband taking care of our kids hoping everything will be alright during my absence.

I knew I only had five minutes left to reach the finish line, I mean the fx line. For the last rip going directly to the place I work will leaves at 9:00 I still took my chance. I ran. I felt like my heart will explose. I suddenly felt that I was like Elma Muros or Lydia de Vega defending my title. I ran with all my strength and all my spirit could. When I reach the fx station, there was only one fx left and one seat left. Oh my God, thank you for being there. I arrived late but I arrived at work. And that is what really matters.