Neighbor's saga part 2

The next day, as expected the entire family of our neighbor's wife were there. As I often say "never never wash dirty linens in the public", well this one has really way out my league. The drama scenariao attracted almost all the gossipers in our street. The father despite his age who was a retired soldier, literally wrenched the husband from their "lovey dovey nest". The mother was there calm as she console her disheartened daughter. I almost feel like crying but seeing all our neighbors enthusiasm as if they are watching a basketball match where the other team is leading with ten points lead, I couldn't helped but smile.

I feel so sad for my neighbor. She is a nice, timid girl that I often exchange small smile and look. Sometimes, why bad things happen to nice people. Finally our barangay captain arrived with a handful of policemen. The husband was on the ground crying for pardon. If you were on my neighbors shoes would you?


It should be good thing happen to good people right ! Poor one :( !