Magnanakaw, magnanakaw....

Would you dare shout; burglar, burglar when you have the occasion?

Yesterday, I saw my cousin. She told me not to call her anymore from her celfone nor his husband. At the beginning I thought she was angry at me but when I heard the entire story I felt scared. Apparently, the day before when she was sleeping together with her seven kids, like any other night she leaves the main gate unlock so that his husband who works late at night can enter freely without disturbing anybody. Since she was so tired she taught it was his husband who went inside their house. She said she even saw the guy from the back wearing a jacket. As she was so sleepy, she just told his husband that the dinner is on the fridge without even standing up she continued sleeping. When his real husband entered the house, an hour later she was still under shock. Because anything could have had happened if she discovered that it wasn't really his husband. Everything portable was taken from their house: their 4 celfones at home, wallets and their CD player. She was pissed for losing such stuff but was happy that the burglary didn't end up catastrophic. She promised never will she leave her house open again.


this is scary. buti na lang hindi sila sinaktan!