Sautéed bagoong a real comfort food

As I was chatting with my pregnant neighbor this morning our conversation ended up on how savory bagoong (fermented shrimps) could be matched with almost anything. It is funny that no matter how stinky the scent or how salty its taste, for filipinos bagoong is really a delectable comfort food. I personally enjoy eating it with unripe mangoes and fried eggplant. Interesting how its saltiness perfectly harmonizes with the acidity of mangoes and the blandness of egg-plants. I remember when we were kids my parents meager resources resulted into making us eat bagoong and grilled egg-plant everyday. At the beginning we find it difficult but we eventually loved its taste. I would blame that as the reason why I was ridiculously fat when I was teenager. :-)

As I was imagining the goodness of bagoong matched up green mangoes and egg-plant the barker of the fx angrily shouted at me, "stop day dreaming Ma'am". Whew, I just replied with a smile on my face and thought that I will definitely cook bagoong tonight for dinner.